A contractor has spent the past 12 months flushing the mains across the Isaac region.
A contractor has spent the past 12 months flushing the mains across the Isaac region.

SQUEAKY CLEAN: Build up removed from Isaac pipes

A WHOPPING six and a half Olympic swimming pools worth of water has been pumped through Isaac pipes in the past 12 months to clean sediment built up in the water mains.

As one of the largest council areas in Queensland, the Isaac region had 150.4km of water pipes to flush across six communities.

Mayor Anne Baker said the council had engaged a contractor to clean the pipes to help increase flow and pressure from water mains that deliver water to residences and business across the region.

“The water network in Moranbah, Glenden, Middlemount, Dysart, Clermont and Nebo has undergone a series of high velocity mains flushing,” she said.

“This flushing is passed through a truck-mounted high velocity pump and filtration system that allows 100 per cent of water to be cleansed, chlorinated and returned to the water network in a fit state for human consumption, with no wastage.”

The contractors used existing fire hydrant connections to isolate 5km of water mains at a time and flushed them with high velocity water to remove sediment that built up over time.

“The total volume of water used to flush and then be filtered across these six communities was 16.8 megalitres and … this filtered water was recovered and re-positioned within the potable water network with zero wastage,” Cr Baker said.

“This included flushing 8,496kL in Clermont, 3,909kL in Middlemount, 2061kL in Moranbah, 1,015kL in Glenden, 906kL in Dysart, and 426kL in Nebo.

“The quantity of water used to flush the water delivery network in each town is in direct relation to the size of the water network of that town.

“Clermont, Middlemount and Moranbah have the highest quantity of mains requiring more time and water to clean them properly.”