Knife crime
Knife crime

Stabbing motion with knife at victim while she drove

HE thrust a knife at his partner in a stabbing motion while she drove them to a tavern where he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down to his lap so he could place his hand over her mouth.

The woman managed to get away, running into the tavern for help.

By the time police arrived, her partner had decamped.

But it wasn't long before they found him at her address two days later.

Dundas Jerome Raymond Cecil, 38, pleaded guilty to many charges including common assault (domestic violence), breach a domestic violence order and obstruct police when he appeared in Rockhampton Magistrates Court on December 14.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Shaun Janes said the defendant and victim left her address about 3pm on December 10 and drove towards the Ski Gardens.

He said Cecil became angry at the victim and told her "I will bust your head open" while he held a glass bottle of beer at her.

Sgt Janes said the victim moved away from the vehicle and Cecil continued to threaten her, stating "come back here now or I will bust your head open. If I'm going to prison, I will go for murder".

He said the victim returned to the car, not knowing what to do, and asked nearby people to call the police for her.

Cecil removed a knife from a bag and thrust it towards the victim in a stabbing motion while she drove to the Berserker Tavern. Cecil had told the victim to drive to the tavern.

Sgt Janes said the victim pleaded with Cecil to calm down and when they parked at Berserker Tavern, Cecil initially started apologising to the victim about relationship issues, but then became agitated.

He said the victim turned her body away from Cecil and he grabbed her by the hair, pulling her head down towards his lap and held her hand over her mouth.

Sgt Janes said the victim eventually managed to pull away from Cecil and ran into the tavern where staff helped her and called police.

Cecil had left the tavern area by the time police arrived.

The found him at the victim's residence on December 12, arrested him and just as they finished informing him of his rights, he ran away from police, obstructing them.

He managed to run 500 metres before surrendering to police in a nearby park.

Sgt Janes said Cecil was sentenced in Mt Isa District Court in 2013 for grievous bodily harm where he received a three-year prison term.

Defence lawyer Pierre Lammersdorf said Cecil, a father-of-three, had been in a relationship with the victim for eight months prior to the assault.

He said they were no longer in a relationship.

Mr Lammersdorf said Cecil worked part-time for the railway, doing track work and labour work.

He said he had witnessed violence at home as a child.

Magistrate Cameron Press ordered Cecil to an eight-month prison term with immediate parole release, taking into account two nights spent in the watch-house, plus put him on an 18-month probation order.