Journeys End Creations' Cass Ruff.
Journeys End Creations' Cass Ruff. Allan Reinikka ROK140619acass2

Stallholder prepares for crowd of more than 100,000 people

CASSIE Ruff is in the midst of preparing for the biggest event for her small business this year - Rockhampton River Festival.

Cassie is the founder and creator behind Journey's End Creations, selling handmade sewn homewares and giftwares from personalised cushions, reusable tote bags, dinosaur tail costumes, pencil cases and more.

The mother of two young boys, Jackson, 7, and Lachlan, 4, started the business in 2016 after she gifted a bag to a friend and they loved it.

"She was over the moon and I thought what can I sew and what do I enjoy making," Cassie said.

"It's nice to make a unique gift for either me to give someone or for someone else to give."


And so it began.

Mostly her business operates off custom orders and Cassie only does limited markets each year as it can be quite challenging with a young family.

Last year was a success for her business not just with walk-in customers but the orders she received afterwards as a result of the exposure.

"I am fortunate there is no one really like me, with my cushions," she said.

Cassie was a stallholder at last year's Rockhampton River Festival and was excited to hear she had made the cut again this year.

2018's event saw more than 100,000 guests visit the festival and more than $4.5million was injected into the economy.

In 2017, 47,000 people attended the festival, with $3.5 million spent.

"I didn't know what to expect last year so this year I have done a bit more... few new items, more ready stock," she said.

"I'm hoping it to be bigger, every year they seem to bring in new things."




Journeys End Creations' Cass Ruff.
STITCHING, STITCHING: Journeys End Creations' Cassie Ruff has been accepted as a stallholder at this year's Rockhampton River Festival and is busy preparing. Allan Reinikka ROK140619acass1


  • Personalised cushions, tote bags, toiletries bags, passport holders, pencil cases, chair bags and other custom items
  • Find her stall at Rockhampton River Festival, July 12 to 14
  • Stock also available at Big Colour Works, East St
  • Facebook: Journey's End Creations

Cassie works at Big Colour Works in East St, where she has been for many years and says it is great to see events in the CBD.

"It's great and I love working down there... all the shops are there," she said.

Working part time, being a mum and running a small business is also a juggling act.

"It's hard, some weeks are easy where they just flow and then the next minute you have a sick pet or child and you have a few orders on so you just try to manage it to the best you can," Cassie said.

"I don't do a a lot of markets for that reason, I don't want it to be too much. I don't seek fame or fortune that I want to be super busy and do this full time. I enjoy sewing and I would like to keep it how I can."