Bob Brown paid a visit to the Whitsundays.
Bob Brown paid a visit to the Whitsundays. Georgia Simspon

Stop Adani convoy causes Anzac Day confusion

THE STOP Adani Convoy has got Capricornia MP Michelle Landry seeing red after rumours arose the activists planned to hold an event on Anzac Day but it was all in vain.

The convoy, organised by Dr Bob Brown, will be stopping in Emu Park on the April 24 and will depart on Anzac Day.

Some speculation circulated the convoy would be holding an event on Anzac Day which caused Ms Landry to lash out at the convoy.

"This group of blow-ins and their messages of shutting down jobs are absolutely not representative of our region but in normal circumstances, one could ignore them but when they seek to interrupt one of our most solemn days, they are going too far," she said.

"I wonder whether these protesters realise the sacrifices of our soldiers past that provide them their freedom to be able to protest.


"I am calling on the organisers of this most ridiculous of tours to place a moratorium on activities on April 25, out of respect for the fallen."

However Ms Landry appeared to have been misinformed regarding the Anzac Day events.

Dr Bob Brown told The Morning Bulletin that there was never an event organised on Anzac Day

"There is no event, and that has been the case all the way through," Dr Brown said.

"Our organisation doesn't hold events on Good Friday, Easter Sunday or Anzac Day.

"One of the reasons for that is that quite few members and people in the convoy who want to stop and observe Anzac Day and pay tribute that we all owe to those who fought for Australia in those wars.

"It should not be politicised by anyone."

A spokesperson from the Bob Brown Foundation reassured no protest would take place on Anzac Day.

"Our Stop Adani convoy will be departing from Emu Park on Anzac Day," the spokeperson said.

" We will be driving to Airlie Beach.

"We have provided our convoy participants with all the Anzac services available in Emu Park and Yeppoon so they can make their own personal observance of Anzac Day.

"Our foundation has been in close contact with the Livingston Shire Council and the police to ensure any event or meet up we had planned would happen after the services have finished and we don't interrupt parking for attendees at these services."