A Mackay mum battled to find any assistance to help her teenage daughter break an ice addiction.
A Mackay mum battled to find any assistance to help her teenage daughter break an ice addiction. Pexels

'Stranger living in my daughter's body': Ice addiction

A MACKAY mum whose daughter became addicted to ice at 14 says it was next to impossible to help the teen escape the grip of the pervasive drug.

Eventually, after monitoring her daughter's every move for weeks - checking her whereabouts and barring all electronic communication - there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

However, it came with next to no help from limited support services in the Mackay region for young ice addicts, the mum said.

"Once I found out, I rang as many places as I could. Headspace, community groups. All of the rehabs were for adults," she said.

"I couldn't leave her by herself or she'd leave and go back to it. She was uncontrollable.

"I actually did think it would be easy to get help, because I had heard there was lots of ice in Mackay. But I could only really get counsellors ... all they could do was talk.

"The only rehab that was available was in Brisbane and they said if she left, they'd let her leave, because it was her choice, even though I'm her mother. I couldn't send her there."

The daughter of the office worker in her 30s, who is now 16, eventually escaped addiction, has a job and is doing well, after several relapses.

She told her mum she was introduced to the drug by friends in their early to mid-20s, who exchanged ice for drug running.

The mum said her daughter's ice habit first came to her attention when she noticed erratic behaviour, weight loss and other peculiarities.

"She was a complete stranger living in my daughter's body. She went from being a mature teen to being a five-year-old who threw tantrums on the floor," she said.

"I went into her bedroom and it took me two hours to get it out of her. I threatened to call the police ... that's when she admitted she was on ice."

The woman advised parents to trust their instincts if they suspected ice use and urged the State Government to implement specific programs to address ice use in kids.

"I was begging them (support services) trying to find some way to help. I felt useless. I couldn't help my own daughter," she said.