STRATEGIES: Keppel candidates chat on region’s big issues

A NUMBER of Keppel candidates have failed to address key issues which appear to continually affect their local constituents.

Their silence comes amid enquiries from The Morning Bulletin as to how they would best manage infrastructure and road priorities should they be successful in the upcoming election.

James Dockery of Legalise Cannabis QLD, Clancy Mullbrick of The Greens and United Australia Party's Nicole Smeltz were among the pool of candidates who did not provide any answers when asked.

Incumbent Labor candidate Brittany Lauga, LNP candidate Adrian de Groot and Paula Ganfield of the Informed Medical Options Party did, however, offer a response.

One Nation's Wade Rothery is expected to respond today. 

Throughout the week, candidates will put forth their strategies on five major issues including economic stimulation, council border disputes and local employment - plus more.

A new question and response will be released each day over across the course of this week.

Question One: What are your infrastructure and road priorities for Keppel?

KEPPEL DEBATE: Labor candidate Brittany Lauga, LNP candidate Adrian de Groot and One Nation's Wade Rothery participate in last week’s debate.
KEPPEL DEBATE: Labor candidate Brittany Lauga, LNP candidate Adrian de Groot and One Nation's Wade Rothery participate in last week’s debate.

Brittany Lauga - Australian Labor Party

I'm proud that a re-elected Palaszczuk Labor Government will deliver a record $1.38 billion for roads in Central Queensland with more to be announced this week.

Unlike the LNP who cut $1.6 billion from our roads, Labor has the record to prove it with close to $810 million in road upgrades for the region completed since 2015.

Labor will invest another $100 million on the Bruce Highway to duplicate the road between Rockhampton and Gladstone, building on our already fully-funded $12.6 billion plan.

We'll continue to deliver Bruce Highway projects like the northern access as well as the all-important $80 million Rockhampton-Yeppoon Road upgrade, sparking 1290 jobs in the process.

We'll put shovels in the ground on the Rockhampton Ring Road, fund more ramps and walkways for boaties, and invest in better active transport.

Keppel needs a government that has a plan for economic recovery from COVID-19, jobs and better roads - not one that will sack workers, sell public assets and cut vital funding.

And it's only the Palaszczuk Government that has a plan for economic recovery and that backs better roads for Keppel and Central Queensland.

Deb Frecklington and the LNP will cut 29,000 jobs - that's 29,000 teachers, doctors and nurses - during a global pandemic to reach surplus and pay for their $25 billion in unfunded promises.

We saw that when the LNP under Campbell Newman and his then Assistant Minister Deb Frecklington cut $1.6 billion from Queensland roads and sacked 20 per cent of TMR staff, including 700 roadbuilders.

Queensland and the Palaszczuk Government's strong response to COVID-19 has meant our government has been able to deliver a plan for jobs, better roads and economic recovery.

There's a roads bonanza in our region under Labor - whether that's on the Bruce, Rockhampton-Yeppoon Road or even the $30 million upgrade to Rockhampton-Emu Park Road to deliver road train access to the abattoirs - because Labor builds, the LNP cuts.

Adrian de Groot - LNP

The LNP will spend $50 million to kick start the four-laneing of the Bruce Highway - a $33 billion dollar project that will create thousands of jobs across the State - and in Central Queensland.  That will get families and businesses an upgraded lifeline in our region.  Better for moving families; better for moving freight and getting tourists into our region on a world class road.

AN LNP government would provide another piece of key tourism infrastructure - with a $10 million commitment to develop the Keppel Bay Sailing Club's convention and sporting hub project.  Importantly the LNP will ensure all contracts are with local companies to boost local employment and help stimulate the local economy.  That's almost 300 jobs during construction - and another 300 hospitality jobs when the facility is up and running. 

The LNP has committed $25 million for Great Keppel Island - to upgrade infrastructure on the island and get the refurbishment talks started again.  

HOPEFUL: Keppel candidate for the Informed Medical Options Party Paula Ganfield.
HOPEFUL: Keppel candidate for the Informed Medical Options Party Paula Ganfield.

Paula Ganfield - Informed Medical Options Party

As the IMOP candidate for Keppel, l would represent the concerned people of this area and extend dialogue in the Capricornia region to fellow representatives on the recent installation of all telecommunications infrastructure within this area and monitoring of existing radiation levels that are beaming from telecommunication towers.

During the COVID-19 period we have witnessed the rollout of new 5G technology through our region and globally.

The people of Capricornia have voiced their concerns and opposition to this infrastructure at an LSC Deputation.

Insisting on enforcing a Moratorium on 5G until proven safe. We need public debate and education with what 5G enables within our community.

Technology such as 5G impacts the community and our children's future way of life from the ground up. Before such an all-encompassing and potentially controlling technology is installed our freedom of information, our freedom of speech, our environmental freedom, our ethical freedom and our freedom of choice should be respected through public consultation and debate.

With any new business product "Risk Assessments" need to be done. But the question is why not for the telecommunication industry?

There is plenty of scientific evidence saying that is does cause harm to the human biology, animals and environment.

5G potentially increases the invasion of privacy and potential restriction of freedom.

Many countries around the world have halted 5G.

There was a 5G Summit 2020 - Worldwide Call To Action, back in May this year, that was held over seven days, with scientists and experts in electromagnetic technology from around the world sharing scientific evidence and concerns with this 5G technology and the current EMF levels in our environment.

Our local LSC have been unresponsive, to say dismissive to our concerns. And this is why I have stepped up to represent the Keppel electorate and take our concerns to Federal Government.

I will take the community's concerns around 5G and EMFs and the lack of public consultation, lack of risk assessment to the Federal Government and demand dialogue and suspension of this tech until proven safe.

If considered unsafe through independent scientific studies, have infrastructure removed.

And ask our Federal Government, why do they not practice, the precautionary principle?

As, it would be in our best interest and our children's best interest to cause no harm.

With funding for road priorities, I would consult with the Keppel community and see what concerns they had with roads in their areas.

Assess the existing schedule that is in place and reallocate any funding if deemed not essential or urgent.

Assess the productivity and contracts of the current agreements and adjust funding to achieve positive outcomes for community and contractors involved.