Ambos fail to revive driver

PARAMEDICS worked for an hour in a vain attempt to save the life of a 60-year-old man who suffered a heart attack as he drove to work yesterday.

The emergency crews from three ambulances gave CPR at the side of the road near Rockhampton Girls Grammar School and worked tirelessly in an attempt to restart his heart.

Early morning walkers, joggers and commuters witnessed the drama which unfolded after a triple zero call at 5.50am.

Horrified, they watched as paramedics repeatedly massaged the heart of the unconscious man.

It is believed the man collapsed at the wheel as he negotiated the roundabout at the intersection of Denham and Agnes streets.

It appears another motorist raised the alarm and remained at the scene to assist the ambulance officers.

The heart attack victim's utility blocked the exit into Agnes St for more than an hour, hazard warning lights blinking and the passenger door wide open as the desperate attempts to save his life continued on the grass verge.

Queensland Ambulance Service confirmed yesterday that it had paramedics on the scene within four minutes.

After 60 minutes of CPR the man was placed on a stretcher and taken to Rockhampton Hospital in a final attempt to bring him back from the dead.

The Morning Bulletin understands that doctors declared him dead soon after arrival at the emergency room.

Later in the morning the work ute remained in Agnes St where it had been pushed to the side of the road.

The drama had concluded by the time children started to arrive at school in the morning.