MARGARET Strelow will enter her fourth term as Rockhampton Region mayor after declaring victory today. 

Ms Strelow thanked all candidates, saying they were a "key element of the democratic process".

She thanked the region for placing trust in her after a "torrid and often unpleasant campaign". 

"I especially acknowledge Michael McMillan and his team for the passion and commitment they have shown to their cause," she said. 

"It is clear that our community is blessed with many who care very deeply about it and are prepared to put their private lives on hold for what they believe is the good of Rockhampton Region."

Although she claimed victory, Ms Strelow said she still had not heard from Mr McMillan. 

When The Morning Bulletin spoke to Mr McMillan today, he was still hoping for a miracle. 

"We were always of the belief we had a very strong pre-poll," he told The Morning Bulletin.

"Am I prepared to concede yet?

"Well my head tells me yes, my heart tells me no."