Stripper ordered to repay expensive boob job

A GOLD Coast strip club linked to Ultra Tune boss Sean Buckley has won its appeal to have a dancer repay a five-figure boob job loan she had claimed was a gift.

In an initial decision last month, Toybox Showgirls operating company NRA Enterprises had its application for ex-stripper Haylee Baxter to repay a $14,500 loan dismissed.

At that Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) hearing, NRA Enterprises failed to show up.

But on appeal this week, QCAT ruled Ms Baxter has a year to cough up a discounted amount of $10,500.

Jimmy 'Vegas' Seoud with some of his staff.
Jimmy 'Vegas' Seoud with some of his staff.

NRA directors Jimmy Seoud and Mr Buckley, whose Ultra Tune empire includes 300 franchises, both attended the appeal on Wednesday.

Their affidavits and those of Toybox manager Tarra Mann plus affidavits of three dancers, all disputed Ms Baxter's claims at the first QCAT hearing when she alleged:

- the $14,000 boob job was a gift from Mr Buckley;

- she had been tricked into signing the loan agreement after given cocaine and booze while on shift at Toybox;

- that despite already having breast surgery, Mr Buckley wanted her to get the second boob job so she could be in the Ultra Tune TV ad with Charlie Sheen.

Haylee Baxter. Picture: Instagram
Haylee Baxter. Picture: Instagram

Mr Seoud's affidavit at the appeal claimed he read the loan contract with Ms Baxter at the start of a shift on November 15, last year, and she signed in the presence of him and Ms Mann.

"She appeared to understand and accept the terms and did not appear under the influence of alcohol or drugs and I reject any assertion that I supplied her with illicit drugs or alcohol," Mr Seoud's affidavit read.

He added Ms Baxter kept working at Toybox until January 6, this year, when she texted him: "I'm going to pay the loan and leave. Thank you for everything."

Warwick Capper with girls from the Ultra Tune commercial shoot. Photo: Ryan Keen.
Warwick Capper with girls from the Ultra Tune commercial shoot. Photo: Ryan Keen.

Mr Buckley's affidavit at the appeal said he had known her as a friend for six years and only gifted her $800 cash for a CT scan and initial consultation she wanted due to cancer fears because her original boob job was "leaking".

"At no time did I offer to or agree to pay for the entire breast augmentation," Mr Buckley's affidavit said.

"Following the initial consultation, I told Haylee to discuss with Jimmy the possibility of NRA providing her a loan for the procedure. I never requested repayment of the money I gave Haylee for the initial consultation."

Ms Mann's affidavit said she later witnessed Ms Baxter sign the $14,000 boob loan contract with Mr Seoud at the start of a shift.

"I do not recall Haylee acting unusual or seeming intoxicated. She did not appear to be under the influence of any illicit drug or alcohol," Ms Mann's affidavit read.

Ms Baxter did not respond to Bulletin messages yesterday.

Mr Buckley told the Bulletin: "It was the correct decision, the contract was upheld."

Mr Seoud said the appeal was never about the money: "It was about allegations she made at the first hearing which weren't true."


Ms Baxter claimed the boob job was a gift. Picture: Instagram
Ms Baxter claimed the boob job was a gift. Picture: Instagram