Struggling mum steals recyclables from neighbour

A STRUGGLING mum claimed she went to her neighbour for help to identify recyclables that could be cashed in so she could pay for medication, but ended up stealing from her.

Megan Susan Lennard, 34, pleaded guilty on July 27 in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to one count of stealing.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Shaun Janes said the victim resided opposite Lennard in Shields Ave, Frenchville, and kept her recyclables under the house before taking them to the centre to exchange for cash.

He said on February 28, about 3.10pm, Lennard attended the victim’s address while the victim was not home.

Sgt Janes said the victim’s family members saw Lennard take two bags of recyclables from under the house.

He said when police spoke with Lennard, she told them she had gone to the house to find out what types of recyclables were able to be exchanged.

The court heard Lennard had a six-page criminal record.

Defence lawyer Stephanie Nicholas said Lennard was a mother-of-two who had a traumatic upbringing and started using drugs when she was 13, leaving home at 14.

She said her client instructed she had gone to the house to talk to the woman and ask questions about recyclables and to ask if she could borrow $5.

Ms Nicholas said Lennard instructed she took one bag of recyclables, after discovering the victim was not home, and cashed in her recyclables and used the money to buy medication she needed for the weekend.

Lennard was sentenced to six months probation and a conviction was recorded.