Stylish art you can wear comfortably

IT CAN be confusing when you see two or more labels selling the same material crafted into marginally different designs.

For those that prefer to stand out from the fashion pack, it drives home the difficulty of escaping mass-produced trends.

One solution is enlisting fabulously talented artists to create custom patterns and designs, as Brisbane label Hunt + Kelly have done.

"For our collection this season we have done two artist collaborations,” owner Kellie Alderman says.

"The first with a young Brisbane illustrator, Holly Neilson, who worked with us to create a beautiful botanical print we used on pants and a silk kaftan.

"The second is with artist Kate Barry. We have turned two of her amazing impressionist works into giant silk scarfs that are big enough to be worn as wraps and tops.”


These pieces don't just ooze style, but comfort, something Kellie says shouldn't have to be sacrificed for fashion.

"Comfort is really high on our list when we design a collection,” she says.

"Nobody looks stylish or confident in clothes that they aren't comfortable in.

"We love designing clothes that really work for women, so when you have a lot to accomplish in a day and you need your wardrobe to take you through a few situations.

"Comfort without sacrificing style just eases the pressure a bit and we are all about making life a little bit easier.”

Although our scorching days and balmy nights are coming to an end and holidays for many are a distant memory, Hunt + Kelly aim to continue the feeling of freedom through their threads.

"We love how people relax and loosen up on holidays and how that extends to their wardrobes,” Kellie says.

"They might be a little bit more adventurous on holidays and feel more like their real selves and we wanted to bring that idea into the collection.

"We call it urban resortwear - the idea that your summer wardrobe can be a little bit more fun and playful, but that it's not only reserved for the beach and holidays.

"You can bring that sense of being relaxed and real into your everyday wardrobe even when you are not on holidays.”