Rockhampton teen Hunter Lack is currently in Brisbane, receiving treatment for Leukaemia.
Rockhampton teen Hunter Lack is currently in Brisbane, receiving treatment for Leukaemia. Facebook

Superhero effort needed to help a super kid

SUPERHEROES are often pictured in red capes, with magic hammers or iron suits, but one Rockhampton boy is redefining what it means to be super.

Hunter Lack, 13, was always passionate about being active, and spent a lot of his time involved in martial arts and football.

However, when he fell ill during the Easter holidays, little did he and his family know just how much the following month would test them and continue to do so.

Hunter was diagnosed with Leukaemia.

"He went from being normal and by the end of the week he was hooked up to machines with chemotherapy," Glenmore Tavern bartender and family friend Isabella Wyman said.

"They're staying strong. Trying to be extremely positive but like anything, they have bad days and good days."

Despite the challenges Hunter faces, including not being able to walk more than 50m because of weakness, his unfaltering positivity and determination to get better has inspired those around him.

So much so that his stepfather Jay's place of work, Glenmore Tavern, will hold a Superhero Fundraiser tonight from 7pm, in honour of the teen's fighting spirit.


Hunter Lack and his mother Belinda Schurmann.
FIGHTING SPIRIT: Hunter Lack and his mother Belinda Schurmann. (Inset) Hunter receiving treatment at Brisbane Hospital. Isabella Wyman

"We thought it takes a superhero to handle this," Ms Wyman said.

"It takes someone very strong to handle this.

"He's a brilliant kid. I was talking to his mum (Belinda) who said the only thing that had made this experience pleasant in any way was the fact Hunter has been so positive.

"When everything gets down, Hunter says 'it's going to be okay, I'm going to be fine'. He keeps everyone positive."

The night will consist of prizes for best dressed male and female, up to 65 raffle prizes all valued at $50 or more, a $2,000 money board draw, a $100 board with winnings up to $500, and live music by Cheap Talk.

The tavern has also run a series of meat raffles every weekend leading up to the event, with each raffle earning between $300 and $400 for the family.

Ms Wyman said the tavern has already raised enough to purchase a wheelchair for Hunter, so he can get around and have more quality of life during his treatments.

Belinda and Jay have also had to cancel family holidays as well as their wedding while Hunter fights to get back on his feet.

"Everything is going back to the family. We're trying to help them out," Ms Wyman said.

"Belinda has had to quit her job and move to Brisbane as she was told Hunter will be there in hospital until Christmas at least.

"Now there is only the one income from Jay, who is staying here with Belinda's daughter Sam, who is in high school.

"He's supporting all of them right now so we're raising money to give them a hand financially so they can afford to keep a roof over their heads, afford any bills and help with Hunter's treatment."

Ms Wyman thanked all the local businesses who donated prizes for the raffle.

To support Hunter you can donate at Hunters Leukaemia Fund on Facebook Fundraisers.

So far, $7,766 has been raised, with a goal of $10,000.