Half of us are terrible people

IF YOU have fallen victim to your lunch being stolen at work, you're not the only one. Almost one in two Aussies have experienced this callous act - and the main culprit could be closer than you think.

Deliveroo recently conducted a nationwide survey based on 1000 respondents, revealing that almost half have had their lunch stolen from work. Of those, 88 per cent were swiped from the communal fridge and 12 per cent from their desk.

But shockingly, yes shockingly, 9 per cent reported to have had their lunch taken while it was heating up in the microwave - brutal.

And keep your eye on the person sitting next to you because they've topped the list of potential suspects with 24 per cent claiming the thief is their desk buddy, while 23 per cent insist it's the office junior. Meanwhile, a further 14 per cent are pointing the finger at the CEO.

A Deliveroo for Business spokesperson said although people might not like to admit it, "many of us have helped ourselves to a dash of milk or maybe even some sauce or salad dressing".

"But we were very surprised to see how common the theft of a packed lunch is.


It may look tempting, but stealing someone else’s lunch is just not cool.
It may look tempting, but stealing someone else’s lunch is just not cool.

"Clearly, Aussies are either not happy with the lunch they're bringing from home or with busy schedules, are finding themselves low on time to prepare lunch in advance."

But don't think you're getting away with it - someone is always watching.

One officer worker went as far as obtaining CCTV footage to find the "thief" who nicked his shrimp fried rice lunch. His co-worker even live-tweeted the aftermath.

Zak Toscani, a Los Angeles-based comedian who works at a post-production company, said his co-worker's lunch was in fridge for less than an hour before it vanished.

"No shrimp smell remnants in the microwave or kitchen area. This was a professional hit no doubt," one of his 20 tweets about the unfolding saga read.

"So the man (whose) lunch was stolen sits across from me. The person who stole his lunch sits RIGHT NEXT TO ME! She left for the day before the investigation started. According to the video, this psychopath DIDN'T EVEN EAT THE FOOD. She took it out of the fridge and threw and buried it in the trash."

So yes, these things happen. Often.

In fact, one in five have completely stopped bringing their lunch out of fear its going to be stolen and a surprising 19 per cent claim they know exactly who the culprit is.

But how many workers admit to being a regular lunch box thief? According to the Deliveroo survey, a low eight per cent.

NSW topped the list with 39 per cent believing someone has stolen lunch from their office in the last six months. It was followed by Tasmania at 36.5 per cent and Queensland at 34 per cent.