Mark Wales is the latest to exit Australian Survivor.
Mark Wales is the latest to exit Australian Survivor. Nigel Wright

Survivor evictee leaves nothing behind

FORMER Australian Army special operations soldier Mark Wales gave it everything he had, but with his back against the wall, he is the latest contestant out of Australian Survivor.

Wales, 37, was at the wrong end of the alliance in his Asaga tribe, after his now girlfriend Sam Gash left at the last tribal council.

He tried his heart out, but in the end the strong alliance in the Asaga tribe voted him out, with seven votes, compared to three for Byron Bay wedding celebrant Jacqui Patterson.

Leading into the tribal council, Wales said he knew he was going, but that helped him fight even harder.

"I didn't think I had any chance going into tribal council, but I could feel the momentum shifting ever so slightly," he said.

"I had a few hours to come to terms with what happened, and at least that gave me time to craft an argument as to why they should go in another direction.

"When I left, I had thrown everything to it."

Wales had no chance to get any further, after South Australian labourer Henry Nicholson and Patterson's strong friendship continues to decide who votes and who stays.

Wales tipped his hat off to Nicholson's Survivor game play.

"You have to give him credit to him, he spotted a dangerous pair that he didn't like (himself and Gash), and he was able to dismantle it," he said

In the end the tribe thought Wales and Gash were a power couple that were dangers, but at the time, Wales said he was a little complacent.

"I thought there other people in the tribe who would get knocked out, even though we were in dangerous territory being close.

"I thought we would be all right, but that wasn't the case."

Australian Survivor continues tonight at 7.30pm on Channel 10.