STREET DRAMA: A bomb squad officer x-rays the device found in a Nissan Skyline in Redbank Plains yesterday.
STREET DRAMA: A bomb squad officer x-rays the device found in a Nissan Skyline in Redbank Plains yesterday. David Nielsen

Cops find pipe bomb in Nissan

UPDATE, 8AM: Police have charged a man after an emergency situation was declared at Redbank Plains yesterday afternoon.

A declaration under the Public Safety Preservation Act was made around 3.20pm on Jason Court after a suspicious device was located in a vehicle.

The declaration was revoked a short time later.

A 36-year-old man has been charged with having unauthorised and prohibited fireworks.

Police will also allege a quantity of drugs and suspected stolen property was located at the address.

As a result, he has also been charged with a range of drug offences, unlawful possession of a motor vehicle and a charge of enter premises with intent by break in relation to the alleged break and enter of a bicycle store at Seventeen Mile Rocks on October 13.

He is due to appear in the Ipswich Magistrate Court today.


6AM: The bomb squad dismantled a suspected pipe bomb in a suburban street after a police raid revealed the device in a Nissan Skyline.

A remote-controlled robot was used to remove the item found outside an address in Jason Ct, Redbank Plains.

A male has been charged with offences relating to the incident and will appear in Ipswich Court today.

Police declared an emergent situation at 3.20pm yesterday under the Public Safety Preservation Act and the roads surrounding the suspicious device in Jason Ct and Christine Cres were blocked off.

Residents in the immediate vicinity were told to stay in their homes while others in nearby streets were outside and watching on as the bomb squad worked.

Ipswich senior sergeant Gareth James said "an X-ray had been conducted that reveals an item that appears to have shotgun shell or something similar inside and as a result it is being dismantled".

He said that earlier the Ipswich CIB had executed a search warrant on a residence at Jason Ct.

"During the course of the search, while looking through the vehicle, they found a suspect device inside.

"It consists of pipes," he said.

"As a precaution the police bomb squad were called.

"The bomb squad utilised a remote-controlled robot to remove the item and examine it remotely prior to conducting further tests."

He said a Public Safety Preservation Act was made for the safety of the community.

"As a consequence the road has been blocked off and residents have been asked to stay inside their houses," he said

One resident told The QT it was a worrying development.

"I've got kids and you worry about them when there could be explosives lying around," she said.

"I saw what happened in Ipswich when all those bombs were found a few months ago and we don't want that here."

Another resident said they were not surprised about what was going on.

"This can be a wild place at times," the resident said.