Tackling violence ‘takes a community’ - Livingstone Mayor

TACKLING violence is a top priority for Livingstone Shire Mayor Bill Ludwig.

Being part of the Liquor Accord is a big part of trying to solve the violence issue, with Cr Ludwig saying hoteliers, the police and licensees come together to look at how they can reduce alcohol-related violence in the region.

Cr Ludwig has thrown his support behind The Morning Bulletin's Handsoff Campaign, saying that "any level of violence is totally unacceptable".

Cr Ludwig said any hotels in the region that are part of the Liquor Accord will have a patron banned from the premises if they are causing problems.

"We need to make sure we have safer environments, make sure areas are better lit and we need to make sure we limit the opportunity by trying to create safer places; and we use a broad range of tools to do this, from community education to law enforcement," Cr Ludwig said.

"The ultimate sanction is to lock those people up that are posing a danger to the rest of the law-abiding community."

Cr Ludwig said that as a community we need to work collectively to reduce violence.

"Some of it is about focusing on the wellbeing of the community, you actually need to reduce the core issues for violence," Cr Ludwig said.

"Sometimes it is relationship driven and other times it is due to drug and alcohol abuse."