Connery Le.
Connery Le. Rob Williams

Teen inspiring others by sharing his journey through hell

FOR years Connery Le was the butt of people's jokes because of his appearance.

Not only was the 18-year-old Riverhills resident ridiculed because of his Asian heritage, he was also bullied because of his extreme acne.

Connery said during some of his darkest moments he felt life wasn't worth living.

"My problems started when my parents divorced and I started suffering from anxiety and social stigma," he said.

"I used to get teased for being Asian which made me feel very insecure and then it got worse when I was in Grade 5 when I started forming pimples.

Connery Le shares inspirational story: A young man's efforts to cure severe acne problem.
Connery Le shares inspirational story: A young man's efforts to cure severe acne problem.

"My anxiety got so bad I would throw up every other day at school and in Grade 7 my acne got worse because of puberty and I started having suicidal thoughts."

Connery said his high school days were a mix of escaping reality through video games and callisthenics- a form of body weight exercise performed rhythmically and with minimal equipment.

He said by Grade 11 his focus shifted to body building and he changed his diet and started undertaking laser treatment for his acne.

Despite his efforts, however, Connery said the bullying continued until a video he uploaded of his journey received more than two million views and he won a prestigious body-building competition.


"Kids would take photos of my acne and make fun of me on social media, so when I said I was going to achieve all this stuff, they just laughed at me.

"One of my teachers even pulled me aside and said I needed to stop being so cocky because when I failed I was just going to get teased even more.

"It wasn't until I came first in the Australia Musclemania Men's Physique Junior Class category and shared my journey on YouTube that everyone shut up."

Connery Le now works at Springfield's newest fitness studio, Soulfit Studio where he teaches kids and adults callisthenics classes and is building a life coaching and personal training business.

He will also travel to America to compete in the international Musclemania body building competition later this year.

He said despite the agony of his teen years, it had made him into the man he was today and wanted anyone suffering from bullying to know there is light at the end of the tunnel.

"My message for kids everywhere is you might be going through hell right now, but you will find your way out and will look back and understand it will make you into a better person- you can turn that pain into something amazing."

Connery hopes to one day become an international life coach like idol Tony Robbins and to become an actor where he aims to become the first Asian Marvel Superhero.

Follow Connery Le on Instagram or YouTube or call 0451 221 378 for all personal training or life coaching information.