Kiyarna Manning.
Kiyarna Manning.

Teenager involved in serious speedway crash wakes up

THE parents of a teenage girl involved in a serious speedway accident are thankful their daughter is still alive but wait in the hope she will return to her "bubbly and beautiful" self.

Kiyarna Manning, 17, from Kensington Grove crashed her kart while racing at the Lockyer Valley Speedway in Gatton on Saturday afternoon.

After clipping a kart that spun out in front of her, her own vehicle veered off the track and up a concrete wall.

Her head struck a steel pole at the edge of the wall.

The kart "somersaulted" for metres down the track and she was thrown from the kart.

The trauma caused her to seizure and it took two-and-a-half hours to stabilise her enough to be air lifted from the track to the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

She received a 10cm long laceration across her forehead that split down to her skull and she also broke her nose, a few teeth and a shoulder blade.

There is a small amount of bruising and blood on her brain but a follow up CT scan a day after the accident showed it had either reduced or stayed the same immediately after the accident.


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Kiyarna is now breathing on her own and has regained consciousness after being taken off sedation.

Mum Larissa said upon waking up, Kiyarna tried to speak to her parents but she was very dazed.

"A nurse said that she's quite lucky, they think her face took the impact of hitting the pole … it could have been a lot worse from the impact with the speed she was doing," she said.

"(Doctors) said the CT scans don't really tell you much for the future … whether she will lose memory or her personality.


Kiyarna Manning.
Kiyarna Manning.


"It's all a matter of the next couple of weeks to months before we're really going to be able to know if there's been any damage to any of that … whether she's going to go back to her bubbly self that she always was.

"She was always one that would walk in and light up the whole room. She's such a positive, bubbly and beautiful girl.

"We're hoping that she stays that way and this doesn't change her."

All four members of the Manning family, including father Shane and son Kallan, compete on the speedway scene.

Kiyarna started racing in the middle of last year.

The support after the accident has been "overwhelming" according to Shane; the Facebook post about Kiyarna's crash has reached about one million people.

"The speedway family is unbelievable," he said.

"Every second we're getting new messages, or people wanting to check up on her. We've had support worldwide.

"We want to thank everyone for the well wishes, it's just overwhelming. We can't stress enough how much we appreciate it.

"With her awake now, we're just going to watch her progress."

Shane said her top of the line safety gear saved her life.

"It played a massive role in her still being here today," he said.

Clad completely in bright pink, Kiyarna started racing for a club in June last year.

"Once she started racing, she loved it," Larissa said.
"She was always so excited and looking forward to the next race meet."

"She's such a perfectionist," Shane said.

"She took so much pride in it all. She made sure her race suit was all neatly folded in a certain way, the helmet had to be spotlessly clean.

"She was the centre of attention. As soon as she got there, all the kids flocked to her."

A GoFundMe set up to assist the family has raised about $2500 so far.

To assist, visit here.