CHILLING THREATS: The Kingaroy courtroom heard the disturbing threats a 19-year-old Kingaroy man made to his aunt and grandmother because they “owed him money”.
CHILLING THREATS: The Kingaroy courtroom heard the disturbing threats a 19-year-old Kingaroy man made to his aunt and grandmother because they “owed him money”.

Teenager threatens to feed family’s bodies to feral pigs

THERE was an eerie silence in the Kingaroy Magistrates Court on Tuesday afternoon as judge Louisa Pink read out a statement quoting a local teenager who had threatened to kill his aunt and grandmother by "blowing them up."

The 19-year-old man, who must remain unnamed, was released from custody on bail earlier this week after being remanded by authorities on Friday, April 17.

The teenager faced charges including wilful damage and contravention of a domestic violence order and was seeking a bail application.

Ms Pink said after the defendant was taken into custody, he threatened to return to his grandmother's dwelling to kill them as they "owed him money."

"You also talked about finding feral pigs to eat their remains and reportedly said you didn't care if you spent the rest of your life in jail," she said.

"I ordered a mental health examination (which was carried out on Saturday, April 18) and a report has been provided in essence suggesting your mental state is a result of polysubstance abuse, in other words using a lot of drugs.

"And your behaviour indicated a moderate to high risk of violence to the assessors, as well as a moderate risk of self-harm.

"Ultimately the assessment ruled there was no evidence of major mental illness and that you would be helped by addressing your drug use and seeing a psychologist for your drug use and emotional state and personality issues."

Ms Pink explained to the defendant he was in a "show cause" position, meaning he did not have an entitlement to bail because of the nature of the offending and the threats made meant she was required to refuse his bail application unless cause could be shown as to why his detention in custody is not justified.

Prosecution previously opposed the defendant's bail on the basis that he is an unacceptable risk of committing a further offence, endangering the safety and welfare of others and interfering with the witness and otherwise obstructing the course of justice as well as for his own welfare and protection.

Ms Pink said she was not satisfied the evidence before her suggested there was an unacceptable risk of the defendant interfering with witnesses or endangering his own safety.

She mentioned the 19-year-old had a very limited criminal history with no previous convictions for violence, however she did mention charges of possession of knives from 2019.

After taking into account the limited history and mental health assessment Ms Pink granted the defendant bail under the strict conditions he live with his father in Kingaroy and not come into any form of contact with his aunt or grandmother.

She also ordered the teenager undergo a medical assessment with a general practitioner to create a mental health plan and seek counselling with a psychologist to address his drug use and anger management issues and produce documentary evidence of his attendance to the officer in charge of the Kingaroy Police station within 20 days of April 21, 2020.