An aerial view of Dudgeon Point, just south of Mackay.
An aerial view of Dudgeon Point, just south of Mackay. Contributed

Terminals a step closer

THE proposed Dudgeon Point coal terminals are a step closer to reality and if approved the multi-billion-dollar project will mean thousands of jobs for the region.

The State Government has allocated about 380 hectares, which will be used for the construction of two new coal terminals.

A competitive tender process, completed by North Queensland Bulk Port (NQBP) Corporation in June, identified Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal (DBCT) Management and Adani Mining as the preferred proponents for the project.

Premier Anna Bligh said each developer would receive about 190ha each, specifically for new coal terminals, as well as the land required for associated infrastructure outside the stockyard.

"This massive project is potentially worth about $10 billion in investment and would deliver about 5000 jobs," Ms Bligh said.

However, an influx of workers could stretch the region's limited housing resources even further.

Mackay Conservation Group co-ordinator Patricia Julien said the region doesn't have the infrastructure for another 5000 people.

"It's a very big whack for a city this size. Five thousand workers means potentially 5000 families," she said.

If the relevant approvals are obtained, construction of the terminals could commence in 2013.

NQBP will work with developers on an environmental assessment, which is expected to be completed early next year. A draft Environment Impact Statement will be released for public consultation mid-2012.


What's on the drawing board?

The proposed terminals are expected to include:

  •  Six rail loops and dump stations
  •  Large stockyards
  •  Eight new offshore berths
  •  Two jetties to the offshore wharves
  •  Rail spur line to Dudgeon Point
  •  Half Tide Tug Harbour expansion
  •  Extra infrastructure for roads, buildings and barge facilities