NOT FIXED: Photos of Tess Timewell's home built by Metro Builders.
NOT FIXED: Photos of Tess Timewell's home built by Metro Builders. Contributed

That new home feeling quickly fades for Yeppoon woman

IT was a time of excitement for Tess Timewell and her family when they started constructing their new home.

It was to be an investment home which they would sell 12 months later - but even the best laid plans can come unstuck.

The project, which was initially smooth sailing, turned into a construction nightmare with Metro Builders refusing to fix faults in the house.

Over the weekend the company went into voluntary administration, leaving sub-contractors, suppliers and home owners out of pocket by more than $2 million.

Ms Timewell is one of many Central Queenslanders left frustrated and out of pocket by the sudden closure of Metro Builders.

The building company has since taken down its social media page and diverted office calls to message bank.

The only explanations, a note displayed on the office door and an email to workers, advised the company had gone into liquidation.

"I found out about the closure through someone who posted on Facebook,” Ms Timewell said.

The Yeppoon local said when they first started working with Metro Builders it was smooth sailing.

However once they passed the planning stages, she noticed a high staff turnover and could never get in contact with office staff.

"The tradies were amazing, however, dealing with the actual Metro staff was always a problem, we were constantly trying to find someone to talk to,” Ms Timewell said.

"We had issues throughout the entire build.

"We ended up having to deal with all problems through email because they would deny speaking to us or just wouldn't take the calls.”

Ms Timewell said on a number of occasions they were forced to visit the head office to "get things sorted”.

Struggling through the building process, Ms Timewell and her husband finally reached the handover stage in April 2016 but their nightmare was far from over.

"At that time there were things wrong with the home but they were withholding the keys until we signed the handover,” she said.

With three children to look after, the Yeppoon couple could no longer afford to pay both rent and house payments at the same time and had no choice but to move into the faulty home.

Ms Timewell said the list of problems in the house was "large”.

After almost two years of pressuring Metro Builders to rectify the defects, Ms Timewell finally made progress with the company.

Metro Builders were in the middle of completing the repairs when they closed.

The Yeppoon woman will now have to deal with the situation through the Queensland Building and Construction Commission, who are looking after Metro Builders clientele.