ALL ABOARD: Freedom Fastcats will be doing whale watching with visitors to the region.
ALL ABOARD: Freedom Fastcats will be doing whale watching with visitors to the region. Contributed

The Capricorn Coast is in for a whale of a time

THE Capricorn Coast is fast becoming a destination for whale watching and Freedom Fastcats are being proactive to ensure the safety of the gentle giants and the people who love to see them.

Freedom Fastcats spokesman Max Allen said they were very fortunate to spot a lot of whales while out on their daily cruises and crossings last year.

"Guests were delighted to see them in the distance and we wanted to enhance that experience for locals and visitors alike while ensuring the safety of the whales,” Mr Allen said.

"We have gone through the process of obtaining the permits and licences, which was not an easy feat with many rules and regulations that need to be adhered to.

"This gives us the ability to sight the whales and provide the viewing for guests all in an environment that is safe for us and the whales.”

Mr Allen said a lot of people didn't realise the rules when approaching whales and the distances that need to be kept as these are large animals and can at times be very unpredictable.

"Providing this service means not only are we legally allowed to provide viewing for the public, but in a safe manner,” he said.

"This venture is a fabulous opportunity for the Capricorn Coast region and with the increased whale sightings each year, will benefit the region with increased visitation.”

Capricorn Enterprise chief executive Mary Carroll said with 33,000 whales expected to be travelling up and down the East Coast of Australia this season, our visitors are sure to spot these gentle giants in Keppel Bay.

"I commend Freedom Fastcats for being proactive in obtaining permits to expand their cruise offerings to include whale watching tours which greatly value adds to our tourism portfolio.”

A full list of rules for whale watching can be found at /wildlife/watching/marine- mammals/rules.html