ROCKHAMPTON CANDIDATES: Dominic Doblo (Independent), Tony Hopkins (LNP), Mick Jones (Greens), Barry O'Rourke (ALP), Yvette Saxon (IMOP), Christian Shepherd (KAP), Torin O'Brien (ONP), Paul Crangle (UAP) and Laura Barnard (LCQ) are the nine candidates contesting the seat of Rockhampton.
ROCKHAMPTON CANDIDATES: Dominic Doblo (Independent), Tony Hopkins (LNP), Mick Jones (Greens), Barry O'Rourke (ALP), Yvette Saxon (IMOP), Christian Shepherd (KAP), Torin O'Brien (ONP), Paul Crangle (UAP) and Laura Barnard (LCQ) are the nine candidates contesting the seat of Rockhampton.

The full list of promises for Rocky’s election candidates

HAPPY 2020 Queensland Election Day!

AS voters flock to polling stations around Rockhampton and scratch their heads trying to decide which of the nine aspiring candidates deserved a '1' written next to their name, The Morning Bulletin is here to help.

We've gone to each of the aspiring candidates asking for a full list of promises that were relevant to the Rockhampton electorate.


Dominic Doblo - Independent candidate for Rockhampton

Rockhampton businessman Dominic Doblo is running as an independent candidate in the electorate of Rockhampton for the 2020 State Election.
Rockhampton businessman Dominic Doblo is running as an independent candidate in the electorate of Rockhampton for the 2020 State Election.

Did not respond by deadline.


Tony Hopkins - LNP candidate for Rockhampton

LNP candidate for Rockhampton Tony Hopkins
LNP candidate for Rockhampton Tony Hopkins

• Four-laning the Bruce Highway with Queensland's biggest road project to create thousands of local construction jobs.

• Delivering an immediate $27.2m stimulus for the Rockhampton-Livingstone economy before Christmas through the LNP's $300 Rego Rebate - available for all car owners to claim in December.

• Opening up the Galilee Basin to secure $50 billion worth of new resource projects and 15,000 jobs by providing a 10-year royalty freeze.

• Delivering the New Bradfield Scheme.

• Building the full-size Rookwood Weir.

• Investing $49.8m in a TAFE Centre of Excellence at CQ.

• Providing cheaper electricity for families by extending retail competition - saving the average Rockhampton household $300 a year.

• 24/7 monitoring of youth offenders on bail, increased rehabilitation and more early intervention through a Justice Reinvestment program.

• Introducing a public sex offender register to help families protect their kids against dangerous sex offenders.

• Introducing tougher laws against domestic violence, with increased police powers and more support for survivors and their families.

• Introducing tougher laws for gun crime and knife crime.

• No new taxes and extensive red tape reduction measures to assist business

If elected Tony in his first term will:

• Fight for the Gracemere High School & Gracemere PCYC

• Ensure the development of the Rocky Sports Stadium and the Victoria Park Sporting Hub

• Fight for the establishment of an Intermodal Logistics hub at Gracemere


Mick Jones - The Greens candidate for Rockhampton

Greens Party candidate for Rockhampton Mick Jones
Greens Party candidate for Rockhampton Mick Jones

"The Greens can make Big Banks, Property Developers, and Mining Tycoons pay their fair share in state-based taxes to fund Queensland. No other party can stand up to the Big Players like the Greens can, because we don't take corporate donations.

We'll create more than 2000 new jobs for Rockhampton in manufacturing, health, renewable energy, and housing, and provide essential services, and key upgrades in the process:

The Greens will build six new free public health clinics for Rockhampton, providing vital services, and taking pressure off emergency wards.

We'll improve nurse to patient ratios all across public hospitals in CQ, and make parking at Rocky Hospital free.

We'll fully fund our Public Schools, adding teachers and reducing class sizes. We'll put millions towards upgrading existing state schools and building new schools in areas of need. We'll abolish all school service fees, excursion costs, textbook, and student technology costs, covering the cost with extra government funding.

We'll build 1,800 well designed, safe, public homes over four years in Rockhampton.

We'll provide free school breakfast and lunch for state school kids in need, and free sports club memberships for under 18s, with grants for clubs to upgrade.

We'll cut electricity bills by 46 per cent by reversing the privatisation of electricity retail and stopping the price gouging by state owned network and generation companies. We'll build 1100 megawatts of publicly owned solar and wind power locally, and construct a wind turbine factory in Rockhampton.

Queensland is a wealthy state.

It's time for the people who create that wealth to benefit from it.

The super rich have benefited enough. I'm tired of the politicians who sell out to them, and you should be too."


Barry O'Rourke - Labor's candidate for Rockhampton

Labor's incumbent candidate for Rockhampton Barry O'Rourke
Labor's incumbent candidate for Rockhampton Barry O'Rourke


Revitalising local rail manufacturing, including:

•Securing land at the old Aurizon workshops

•Using that land to support a rail maintenance, manufacturing and logistics centre

• Ensuring Rockhampton manufactures components of the new trains, such as electrical looming or fibreglass forming, leveraging local supply chains.


• A re-elected Palaszczuk Labor Government will deliver a record $1.38 billion for roads and transport for Central Queensland, sparking more than 1,290 jobs as part of Queensland's plan for economic recovery.

• Continue to deliver fully-funded upgrades for the Bruce Highway, Capricorn Highway and create new opportunities for local business in construction, engineering and freight.

• We're transforming the Bruce Highway through projects like the Rockhampton Northern Access upgrade and we'll start building the massive $1 billion Rockhampton Ring Road in 2022.

• If re-elected, the government will prioritise upgrades between Rockhampton and Gladstone and continue to increase its annual investment in Bruce Highway upgrades to more than $2 billion by 2023.

Roads projects (including investments jointly funded with the Australian Government) include:

• $1.065 billion to plan and build Rockhampton Ring Road

• $158 million for the Rockhampton Northern Access upgrade to duplicate the Bruce Highway to four lanes through Parkhurst

• $75 million for the duplication of the Capricorn Highway between Rockhampton and Gracemere

• $35 million for widening and intersection upgrades on Gavial - Gracemere Road (Lawrie Street) at Gracemere

• $19 million for overtaking lanes on the Capricorn Highway between Gracemere and Emerald

Active transport infrastructure project (including projects jointly funded with local governments through the Cycle Network Local Government Grants Program) include:

• $974,000 for design of bike-riding facilities on Bruce Highway between Neville Hewitt Bridge and Musgrave Street


• Labor will invest $50 million to slash irrigation water bills across the state. Labor's commitment will deliver:

• A 15 per cent cut in irrigation water charges for the 6,400 farmers who buy water from Queensland's 35 state-owned irrigation schemes. This includes broadscale crops.

• A 50 per cent cut - half-price water - for fruit and vegetable growers, recognising the number of harvesting and picking jobs this could create.

Sport infrastructure

• Browne Park Redevelopment - $25 million - Upgrade sporting facilities and seating capacity to cater for international level competitive matches of differing codes and multipurpose facility hosting music and similar events.


• More than 450 new teachers and over 100 new teacher aides will be employed in the Central Queensland Region.

• $2.5 million to build a new aquaculture research facility at Rockhampton State High School.

Great Schools Program

• New classrooms, multipurpose halls and facility upgrades will be part of a $58 million investment in new, modern school facilities across Central Queensland under a re-elected Palaszczuk Labor Government.

• The funding is included in a $1 billion Great Schools, Great Future education policy to modernise schools and support more than 3,100 local construction jobs across Queensland.

• In Rockhampton, the Hall State School was the big winner in the new funding announcement with $5 million locked in for a new multipurpose hall.

School infrastructure projects:

• Crescent Lagoon State School Install A Block lift $85,000

• Crescent Lagoon State School Provide equitable access to amenities and B Block $295,000

• Gracemere State School Perimeter fence $400,000

• North Rockhampton State High School Provide equitable access to multipurpose hall stage $25,000

• Port Curtis Road State School Replace septic system $250,000

• Rockhampton State High School School Security Fence $700,000

• The Hall School New multipurpose hall $5,000,000


• A re-elected Palaszczuk Labor Government will provide more young Queenslanders with free TAFE and free apprenticeships, under a $21 million plan to extend the opportunity to under 25s.


• Hire more frontline health staff in Central Queensland including 285 nurses, 47 doctors and 47 health professionals.

• $31 million for an expansion of the Rockhampton Hospital that will enhance health services for Central Queenslanders and support 90 local construction jobs. Includes $18.2 million for the Rockhampton Hospital cardiac hybrid theatre, and $12.8 million for the Rockhampton Hospital mental health ward expansion.

• North Rockhampton will be one of six locations across Queensland to benefit from a $31 million investment in new and replacement ambulance stations under a re elected Palaszczuk Labor Government.


• Major centres like Rockhampton will benefit from the Palaszczuk Government's historic investment in community safety by delivering an extra 2,025 police personnel across Queensland.

• It will mean at least an extra 150 police personnel will be deployed to each police region across the state, including the region Rockhampton is part of.

• In addition, the Palaszczuk Government will deliver 25 mobile police beats across Queensland.

At least one of these new mobile beats will be deployed to the Rockhampton area.

Small business

• A re-elected Palaszczuk Labor Government will back Central Queensland small businesses to drive economic recovery with a $140 million strategy to lift their competitiveness and resilience.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said that small businesses were the engine room of the economy.

"That's why we have provided $2.3 billion in tax relief, grants, electricity rebates and loans to support businesses to keep 334,000 Queenslanders in work through the COVID-19 pandemic," she said.

"Now we are delivering a $140 million strategy to back small business."

This strategy will support:

• Private investment with an initial $100 million from the Backing Queensland Business Investment Fund. The $100 million will be used to invest in small to medium sized businesses that have significant growth potential in Queensland and which will utilise funds to create significant Queenslandbased jobs.

• $10 million to support the Queensland Small Business Commissioner, to help businesses evolve and to create a Small Business Advisory Council to improve engagement with Government;

• $30 million to improve small business skills capabilities including grants and mentoring opportunities; and

• A study to link government procurement of new fibre networks with increased access for small businesses to high speed broadband in the regions.


• A re-elected Palaszczuk Government will invest a further $74 million to help rebuild Queensland's tourism industry - including Central Queensland - in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

• $20 million Queensland Tourism Activation Fund.

• $20 million events boost to attract more events for Queensland. This investment will include $14 million for major events and $1.5 million a year for business events.

• $15 million to Tourism and Events Queensland for a marketing blitz to encourage travellers to experience Queensland.

• $15 million regional tourism organisation fund to provide a special one-off funding injection to regional tourism organisations.

• $4 million to deliver business capability training and future proofing the industry.

Country Racing

• Country Racing in Central Queensland will share in an overall $35.2 million commitment that will provide a purse for prize money and maintenance of tracks and facilities under a re-elected Palaszczuk Labor Government.


Yvette Saxon - Informed Medical Options Party candidate for Rockhampton

Did not respond by deadline.


Christian Shepherd - Katter's Australian Party candidate for Rockhampton

KAP candidate for Rockhampton Christian Shepherd
KAP candidate for Rockhampton Christian Shepherd

• Medical PPE factory

• Rockhampton Motorsport Precinct

• Gracemere High School

• Fully funded CQU TAFE Centre of Excellence

• Northern suburbs boundary change

• Stanwell State Development Area + $20 million infrastructure investment

• Moores Creek rehabilitation

• Victoria Park Gymnastic & Trampoline Club Inc. upgrades

• Colts Rugby Union grounds upgrades

• Extra nurse practitioner and nurse practitioner candidate roles at Rockhampton Base Hospital

• Full support for CQHHS Canning St development

• Rockhampton Airport upgrades

• Fitzroy River floating pontoon

• Touch of Paradise Lagoon Stage 2

• Port Alma boat ramps

• Stapleton Park Skate Park Upgrades

• The Common Walking Trail

• GKI funding support


Torin O'Brien - One Nation's candidate for Rockhampton

One Nation candidate for Rockhampton Torin O'Brien
One Nation candidate for Rockhampton Torin O'Brien

• Adopt AMAYDA leadership and empowerment (anti-bullying) in our state high schools.

• Expand and create extra youth programs targeting Rockhampton's most at risk teens.

• Build Gracemere high school.

• Block $25m for Browne Park and share it amongst other sports especially netball, AFL and junior footy.

• Push for extra infrastructure in parliament for our neglected region.

• Fight for better availability and access to medicinal cannabis.

• Fight for additional law and order support to tackle crippling crime.

• Support gel blaster community against potential incoming laws and support for the set up of the industry

• Fight for Rockhampton and any issue that the public bring to me, I will create a reputation of acting on the public's needs and never sweeping anything under the rug or allowing us to be left behind by Brisbane anymore.


Craig Crangle - United Australia Party's candidate for Rockhampton

Did not respond by deadline.


Laura Barnard - Legalise Cannabis Queensland's candidate for Rockhampton

Laura Barnard is the Legalise Cannabis Queensland Party's candidate for Rockhampton.
Laura Barnard is the Legalise Cannabis Queensland Party's candidate for Rockhampton.

I promise to remain true to what I've said throughout this campaign.

I do not have big party money to rely on, I'll leave the 'big promises' to those that wish to govern, rather than lead our community; running as a candidate has opened my prospects to achieve my goals regardless of the outcome of the election.

I have determination and true passion for our region.

I will continue to advocate for those in our community that aren't represented nearly enough.

I will stand with our veterans, our young people, the indigenous community, our elderly, those affected by unnecessary violence and wronged by our failing judicial and government systems in place.

I will continue to work with those in the community that have expressed their belief in my mission, and whomever is elected in order to see our region prosper as it has, and will again.