‘The most insane thing I’ve ever watched’

Even if you consider yourself a true crime fan, chances are you've never seen a documentary as bonkers as Abducted In Plain Sight.

The Netflix documentary tells the story of US woman Jan Broberg, who was just 12 years old when she was abducted and repeatedly raped by paedophile Robert "B" Berchtold.

Berchtold met and became friends with Jan's parents, Bob and Mary Ann Broberg, through the Mormon Church and convinced them to let him take their daughter not once, but twice.

Berchtold, who died in 2005, manipulated Jan's parents through separate sexual affairs with both of them, He also told Jan they needed to have a child together in order to save the world from aliens.

But that's just the start, with things getting seriously (spoiler alert) more and more crazy and eventually involving unbelievable lies, the CIA, alien abduction, a fake therapist and a very memorable incident that takes place inside a car.

Berchtold, who served just 45 days in jail for the first abduction, took his own life in 2005, a year after Jan wrote a book about the abuse she suffered at his hands.

Reaction to the documentary, which dropped with little fanfare on Netflix earlier this month, has been swift with viewers unable to believe the whole thing is actually a true story.

-Abducted In Plain Sight is available to watch on Netflix now.