The sick little girl who needs your help


WHEN little Alfie Elena Brown was born with a brain injury after a traumatic birth, parents Jayde and Reece were determined to do whatever it took to give their baby girl the best chance at facing life's challenges.

The Varsity Lakes family are seeking stem cell treatment for their 20-month-old tot in Mexico to help with her cerebral palsy, microcephaly, global development delay and hearing loss - but it will come at a huge financial cost.

Alfie Brown.
Alfie Brown.

The couple are hoping to raise $30,000 needed to give their precious baby the innovative treatment they believe will drastically improve her quality of life.

Mum Jayde, 31, fought for answers when her daughter failed a third hearing test and waited five months for an MRI to confirm a diagnosis.

"Alfie's CP restricts her from simple movements which we all take for granted like sitting, crawling, standing, walking," she said.

"We commit to daily at-home therapies, regular and ongoing therapist and specialist appointments and it is not unusual to have up to 10 appointments a week.

Alfie Brown’s parents want to get her treatment in Mexico.
Alfie Brown’s parents want to get her treatment in Mexico.

"It's definitely challenging. We don't know what the future holds for Alfie and her abilities, but we want to do everything we can to give her the best head start possible.

"It's a real struggle, emotionally, mentally, physically and financially, although we've chosen to have a positive outlook on life and we're just so lucky that she is a part of our family.

"We treasure every moment we have with her."

She said Alfie, known for her "happy dance'' and cheeky smile, would benefit from the stem cell treatment to help with the spasticity in her legs, and assist with her gait for standing and walking.

Alfie Brown has faced health issues since she was born.
Alfie Brown has faced health issues since she was born.

"A lot of research on our part led us to a clinic in Mexico which performs this therapy. A lot of patients, Aussies too, have gone down this path and we just know it's the right thing for her," Jayde said.

"Stem cells are an amazing new treatment that can help patients with all sorts of physical challenges.

"Alfie has been through so much already, and she's taken it on like a champion.

"She is really strong and determined so we think she will have a great recovery.

"It's going to be hard but we feel the benefits totally outweigh the risks.

"We feel like Alfie will thrive and we can't wait to see her progress and we're on a mission to make this happen for her."

Alfie’s parents are asking for help.
Alfie’s parents are asking for help.

After the stem cell therapy, Jayde and Reece planned to put Alfie in an intensive therapy program at the Napa Centre in California, which provides therapy services to children with neurological and developmental needs.

She said the therapy would be a huge commitment, requiring treatment for three hours a day, five days a week for three weeks.

"It is very expensive to travel halfway around the world for this procedure, so unfortunately this will be her only treatment for a long time," she said.

"Parents will do anything for their children and we will do anything to help Alfie with the challenges she faces and will face day to day.

"We have had so much support from the community, helping us raise money for Alfie's stem cell treatment and we are just so grateful.

"We wanted everybody to know that any contribution, no matter how small, makes all the difference and it is going towards the most deserving little girl who is loved by so many."

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