Lachlan McMurtrie and Rory Cremin at The Two Professors. Photo Allan Reinikka / The Morning Bulletin
Lachlan McMurtrie and Rory Cremin at The Two Professors. Photo Allan Reinikka / The Morning Bulletin Allan Reinikka

What happens when an engineer and a barista get together?

SMART is the new sexy.

That is the philosophy behind The Two Professors, the new business venture of engineer Lachlan McMurtrie and barista Rory Cremin.

The duo yesterday opened the doors on their stylish cafe in the former Sexie Coffie site in William St.

They were thrilled with the response. Customers queued outside the door to get a taste of their special brews and, by lunchtime, they had already gone through 8kg of coffee beans.

The former flatmates plan to build on the success of the previous business, while adding their personal touches and some special science.

"Brewing coffee is more than art and guesswork," said Lachlan, who celebrated his 32nd birthday yesterday.

"It is a science and we want our customers to share our passion for creating and enjoying the absolute best coffee.

"We may no longer be Sexie, but smart is the new sexy."

The business partners said they wanted to add something different to the cafe scene in Rockhampton; a city they say is booming and developing a more metropolitan feel.

Lachlan works with his family's engineering business and will provide business support to Rory, the creative force, who hails from Oxford, England.

Rory has spent more than a decade in the hospitality industry and spent the past 18 months honing his trade as a barista at Sexie Coffie.

He said one of the first initiatives introduced at the cafe would be a once-a-month "cupping sessions", where patrons could trial new styles of coffee using a variety of different brewing methods.

Over the next few months, Lachlan and Rory will overhaul the look and feel of the building into something more akin to a library.

Patrons will notice the changes each time they set foot in the door.

"We thought about closing for a month to get everything set up but, at the end of the day, we thought: 'Let's bring everyone along for the ride with us'," Lachlan said.

"Our vision is for this cafe to have an eclectic and scientific feel."