Campco store owner closes his business's doors
Campco store owner closes his business's doors Allan Reinikka Rokacampco

After more than 30 years in business, Campco closes doors

THERE is always a silver lining to every story, but in Lloyd Peers' case, it could well be a canvas one.

The owner of Campco, an outdoor and camping supplies store in Rockhampton, said his business was in receivership and by mutual agreement, had undergone external administration.

It was time to close the shop doors after more than 30 years of business as bigger players had moved to town.

And this Wednesday will be the last day of trading.

"I've seen this coming for a while... it's been a bit hectic with bigger players and nationals coming to Rocky - Freddy's (Fishing and Outdoors) has just opened and Anaconda is supposed to be coming here as well," Mr Peers said.

"I've had enough, and it has come at a good time - I've got plenty of camping gear so I might go camping," he quipped.

Mr Peers first opened the William St business in 1976, and sold it once during that time when his wife fell ill.

However, he bought it back and it has been regular haunt of Rocky camping enthusiasts ever since.

Ammunition shop Shooters used to part of Campco, but it was sold to Hall's Firearms six months ago.

Mr Peers also used to run Rossco's Bar and Restaurant, but sold it last year and it is now Global Burgers.

Six staff used to man Campco, but three employees already have new jobs, while three, including Mr Peers, remain to run the shop until it closes.

Campco will trade until December 18, and currently has 50% discounts on all goods in the shop.

Mr Peers said any vouchers had to be used by that date, and conditions would apply.

As for Mr Peers, the 62-year-old said he was not sure what was next for him in the pipeline, but he was looking forward to a break.