Pies for days, and lots of other things, thanks to this handy little device.
Pies for days, and lots of other things, thanks to this handy little device.

There’s nothing $29 pie maker can’t do

A $29 pie maker from Kmart has sparked a home cooking revolution, with people across the country sharing how creative they can be with the revived device.

The humble pie maker has been around for yonks but enjoyed a sudden revival last year.

It soon became so popular in Australia it spawned a Facebook group with more than 73,000 members.

Now people are figuring out ways to cook literally everything you can imagine in the pie maker, and they're posting it all online for us to obsess over.



Kmart's pie maker is just $29 and a massive hit with home cooks. Picture: Kmart
Kmart's pie maker is just $29 and a massive hit with home cooks. Picture: Kmart


Rachel, from popular Instagram account @thekmartmumma, is a proud owner of a Kmart pie maker and said she used it regularly to feed her family.

"I made meat pies and jam and Nutella doughnuts which were amazing," Rachel said.

"They taste heaps better than store-bought ones because they are fresh and homemade."

Rachel lives with a gluten intolerance so her gluten-free diet is easily catered to if she cooks food herself.

"This is the main reason I bought the pie maker, so now I'm able to buy GF pastry and make my own pies so I don't miss out," she said.

The pie maker was such a hot commodity it famously sold out last year as people frantically searched Facebook and eBay to get their hands on one.

It has sent Facebook groups into a frenzy in recent weeks as people rediscover their love of quick and easy cooking.

From pie maker vanilla slice forums to websites dedicated to pie maker cookery, the nifty contraption is working its magic across Australian kitchens once again.

For instance, it looks like this woman used up every scrap of food in her cupboards on pie maker variations from lemon tarts and quiches to pizzas.

But what else are people making with this bargain kitchen appliance?



Let's start with the most obvious dish. The aptly named Pie Maker can, of course, make you four, perfectly-browned little pies.

Throw down some short crust pastry or a sheet of puff, squirt in your filling, chuck on a lid and you're laughing.

A quick look through Instagram in the last four weeks will give you the perfect inspiration to start baking.



Jam, cherry, nutella, cinnamon, you name it, and someone has tried to make it in this little beauty.

It seems Aussie home cooks have reignited their passion for the pie maker doughnut, posting photos of their delicious creations from all corners of the country.



Holy Mother of cheeses, these look good.

What better way to spend your Sunday than whipping up a pot of gooey mac n cheese, then shoving it into a pie maker and crisping it up into little pies.

Bow down.




This mum was stumped on school lunch ideas, but then she remembered she had the one and only Kmart Pie Maker.

Suddenly, her inspiration was restored.

"People have been making all sorts of sweet and savoury scrolls so I had to have a crack," she said.

"Sky's the limit with this one!"

Someone please give this mum a medal for most inventive, yet original, lunch idea ever.





Why settle for simpleton hard boiled eggs or pleb poached eggs when you could have your eggs "Pie Maker Style".

This woman used her pie maker to fry up some eggs on toast and said it was "so awesome and an easy clean up".



Save on a holiday somewhere exotic, just fry up some spring rolls in your pie maker like this guy.



This shortcut for the classic treat has been shared by everyone.

Rather than popping down to Brumbys for your vanilla slice fix, now you can just DIY it at home with your pie maker.

Make a vanilla slice pie or keep the lid off and drizzle with glaze.

Either way, it looks delicious.



Blueberry, chocolate chip, your kitchen will be a regular Muffin Break pretty soon.

This section also extends to delicious mini-baked treats likes lava cakes, lemon cakes and poppy seed cakes.

Hungry yet?

Tell us your Pie Maker recipes below!