Adani protesters in full flight.
Adani protesters in full flight.

BOLT: An election on global warming. They lost

This election is huge. Consider.

Greens leader Richard Di Natale:

This is a climate change election.

Labor leader Bill Shorten:

This election is all about climate change.

Guardian Australia editor Katherine Murphy:

2019 is the climate change election. 

It was indeed, and they lost.

The Liberals look like being returned in a miracle come-from-behind performance, although they will have to form  a minority government.

In Queensland, where Labor seemed set to stop the giant Adani coal project, Labor went from picking up an expected three or four seats to losing three instead.

(Adani will now almost certainly proceed. The Queensland Labor Government will be too scared to keep blocking it now. The massive anti-Adani protests have backfired.)

In the outer suburban seats of Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, where poorer voters can't afford the higher power prices caused by global warming zealots, Labor's predicted swing evaporated.

This election has changed the climate. But it's the intellectual climate that's changed.

Labor, for one, will have its confidence in its global warming policies and gurus shattered.