Police dog Odin will be retiring after 5 years of service. Senior Constable Dan Hayward will be looking after Odin in his retirement.
Police dog Odin will be retiring after 5 years of service. Senior Constable Dan Hayward will be looking after Odin in his retirement. Warren Lynam

Police dog Odin’s set to hang up his cop leash

ODIN the police dog has well and truly earned a big bone and a good belly rub.

The seven-year-old german shepherd has hung up his collar and retired from the Queensland Police Force.

The police pooch worked with the Sunshine Coast Dog Squad for the past five years, tracking down offenders in a variety of cases.

But Odin's claim to fame was biting Coast man Zane Thomas Smith on the penis.

The bite came after Mr Smith allegedly punched Odin in the face when he was hiding from police in a cupboard.

Sunshine Coast Dog Squad officer-in-charge Craig Law said Odin had been a huge asset to the team, working alongside dogs Oakley, Ajax and Zed.

"Odin will now live a life of retirement at home with his handler Senior Constable Dan Hayward," Sergeant Law said. "Odin will certainly be spending his retirement years living like a king.

"That's the great thing about these dogs: they can be at home in the kennel, playing with the kids and the family and once they jump on the back of that truck, it's game on. They do know the difference between work and home. Odin was one of our longest-serving dogs and he's been part of quite a few good-quality jobs."

While Odin may be retiring to a life as a beloved pet, two new police dogs have joined the Coast ranks.

DJ and Sabre started on the beat earlier this week and are quickly settling into their new job after graduating from the academy.

"They are fitting in really well," Sgt Law said.

"We spend one day a week in a training session together with all the dogs. We have two dogs in the vehicle and as they need to familiarise themselves with each other.''

"I love working with the dogs.

"It's a really rewarding position, especially if you've had a dog which you've raised from a puppy, taken it through the course and then on the road and had some successful locations."

Senior Constable Matthew Mayo and Senior Constable Justyn Mergard will work with DJ and Sabre on the Coast.

As well as two new police dogs, the Sunshine Coast policing frontline will be boosted by four new first-year constables starting their positions on Monday.

Police Minister Jack Dempsey said the officers had spent the past 25 weeks learning the skills they needed to improve the safety of Queensland communities.

"I thank the 66 first-year constables who have accepted the responsibilities of maintaining law, order and public safety in their role as police officers in Queensland," Mr Dempsey said.

"Each officer brings with them unique experiences and enthusiasm which they will be able to draw upon while serving."