No cab, but he copped $200 'fare'

AN INTOXICATED John Hendry tried to hail a police car because he though it was a taxi, the Rockhampton Magistrate's Court was told on Monday.

Police prosecutor Acting Sgt Paige Barrow told the court police stopped to speak to Hendry on George St about 1am on June 3 after another vehicle was forced to brake heavily to avoid hitting him.

She said when officers began to question Hendry he requested a free ride home, and when officers refused Hendry became abusive and swore at the officer.

Defence lawyer Brian McGowran said Hendry, although usually not a heavy drinker, was heavily intoxicated at the time of the incident and was trying to hail a taxi to avoid potential trouble associated with late night taxi ranks.

He said Hendry simply mistook the police vehicle for a Rockhampton taxi.

"(Hendry) thought the police car was a cab and tried to wave it down," Mr McGowran told the court.

Hendry entered an early guilty plea and was convicted of causing an obstruction as a pedestrian and public nuisance. He was fined $200 but no conviction was recorded.

Hendry's lawyer told the court that Hendry, who was married with children, was "extremely embarrassed by the situation he has found himself in".