Fatal - Traffic crash on the Bruce Highway at Tinana Photo: Cody Fox
Fatal - Traffic crash on the Bruce Highway at Tinana Photo: Cody Fox

DESPAIR: Three lives lost on Coast roads in matter of days

JUST days after a Maryborough teenager and her boyfriend lost their lives at Torbanlea, an elderly woman has been killed on the Bruce Hwy near Tinana.

The Maryborough woman, aged 74, was driving a red Toyota Corolla and was on the northbound Iindah Rd West onramp merging onto the Bruce Highway at Tinana when she moved into the path of an RV towing a Suzuki Vitara about 10am yesterday.

The woman suffered fatal injuries, while the passenger in the car, another woman aged 81, suffered serious injuries.

She was flown from Hervey Bay Hospital to Brisbane yesterday in a critical condition for further treatment.

The two people travelling in the motorhome suffered minor injuries, according to police.

Yesterday Wide Bay Burnett Forensic Crash Unit Sergeant Glenn Rusten said investigations were still ongoing, but he expressed his frustration at yet another fatal crash on Fraser Coast roads.

"We come across this far too regularly," he said.

Sgt Rusten said conditions did not factor into the crash and the stretch of road was good.

He said the possibility of a medical reason for the incident was being investigated.

"Our fatals around here are generally avoidable," Sgt Rusten said.

"A bit of inattention by the drivers, a little bit of speed and generally stupid actions cause 90 per cent of the crashes I go to.

"If I could offer any advice to driver on the road it would be please concentrate on what you are doing.

"Take a break regularly, that make sure you are in control of your own vehicle and sometimes you're in charge of your own destiny.

"You need to be aware of what you are doing and the consequences are yours to own if something goes wrong."

Sgt Rusten said fatal crashes were daunting for those involved, emergency workers and the families who had lost loved ones.

"For the people involved, this is a traumatic event you wouldn't wish on anyone in their lifetime," he said.

"Just to see people go through it is absolutely heartbreaking."

Sgt Rusten said people had stopped and attempted to perform CPR on the woman before emergency services arrived.

"Fatal crashes are always daunting for every emergency service worker.

"Emergency services have to deal with the carnage at the scene and all the other stuff as well.

It is hard on emergency service workers, it really is.

"It's daunting for families because at a fatal crash, people are taken away without notice.

"It's not like you were expecting this or there was some prolonged injury or anything.

"People being taken away without notice is hard for families to deal with."

The Forensic Crash Unit is investigating and has appealed for anyone who may have witnessed the crash to come forward.