City Beach at Stockland Rockhampton.
City Beach at Stockland Rockhampton. Contributed

Throw away the key: A rapist's sordid past

PETER Scott Griffin, who was born in Emerald, was sentenced in February 2000 to 13 years in jail.

At the time, the judge said Griffin appeared to show little, if any, remorse for his sexual attacks on four women - two of whom he attacked in one night.

This included a 17-year-old girl who he attacked while she was walking in Rockhampton in February 1998.

In May that year, he attacked an 18-year-old woman who was walking near a Rockhampton bridge, forced her down an embankment and raped her.

That same night he grabbed another woman's groin area.

In July that year, a 17-year-old girl was walking home from a cafe in Denham St when Griffin sexually assaulted her and stole her handbag.

When police interviewed him, Griffin admitted to being responsible for the attacks.

Years later when psychiatrists were assessing him, he said the attacks happened after a relationship break-up.

When speaking about the attack in February 1998, he admitted he wanted to humiliate the woman.

In parole documents that were in Griffin's court file, he wrote that he had felt ashamed and remorseful.

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The front page of The Morning Bulletin in August 1999 after serial rapist Peter Scott Griffin pleaded guilty to a series of violent attacks in Rockhampton. He was sentenced to 13 years jail in February 2000.
The front page of The Morning Bulletin in August 1999 after serial rapist Peter Scott Griffin pleaded guilty to a series of violent attacks. File

"I realise there is no justification for what I've done and I take full responsibility for my actions and I do realise that my victims will have to live with and overcome the mental anguish and embarrassment that I inflicted upon them and for that I am truly remorseful," he said.

Three months after he was released from jail after serving his sentence, Griffin was seen masturbating in the carpark of a Rockhampton shopping centre one afternoon.

He told authorities he had been walking around stressed and had felt the sexual urge come on.

He told authorities he left because he did not want to offend against anyone.

He has also breached supervision conditions other times, including when he left a grocery store without paying and pushed a police officer who had confronted him about the theft.

On another occasion he became angry, confrontational and agitated, threatening corrective services staff.

While in the community, Griffin became involved in an altercation with police and was returned to custody in October 2013.

He was again released in November 2013 and placed back on a supervision order in May 2014.

He was jailed again in July 2014 after he lost his temper with his supervisors because they put him on a 24-hour curfew when an online romance soured.

The July 2014 incident was his third breach in less than two years.

He was released again into the community on the supervision order on January 27, 2015.

In May 2016, Griffin was again taken into custody pursuant to a S20 warrant.

The proceedings were discontinued and he was released on November 30, 2016.

Griffin was taken into custody on the present alleged breaches on May 14, 2018 when he allegedly filmed a girl undressing in a change room at Stockland Rockhampton.