Blonde Crazy Woman Pulling Her Hair Out In Frustration
Blonde Crazy Woman Pulling Her Hair Out In Frustration

Tips for dealing with Corona-stress

FEAR, inability to control the situation, depression, and concern about the unknown are things many across the globe are feeling at the moment due to the coronavirus pandemic.

These are normal reactions for the situation the world is in right now, but you don’t have to live in these emotions all day.

As someone who has dealt with mental health issues for more than 25 years, there are a few things I find help to defeat the anxiety and depression feelings for a bit.

One of those is to sing and dance. This is something you can do in your home … provided you don’t have a voice like Fran Drescher and live with others.

Another is to draw or paint, which I find takes my mind off everything except the task at hand. (You can sing at the same time as drawing or painting.)

Going for a walk (remember the rules of being 1.5 metres apart from your walking partner) also helps as your body releases wonderful calming chemicals due to this activity.

Yoga is another exercise that helps.

Venting over the phone or video calls to a friend who isn’t going to turn around and say “snap out of it”, but rather “I totally get that feeling too” is a healthy way of dealing with your feelings.

And if all else fails, Facebook memes about social isolation or the group “Bin Isolation Outing” are great ways to have a laugh at a stressful situation and adapt to the new way of living – however long we have live this way.