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Tony Abbott rings the bells on Australian business

PRIME Minister Tony Abbott has tried to ram home his business, trade and investment agenda during the first day of his visit to the United States.

Mr Abbott visited the US stock exchange in New York City where he rang the bell to signal the start of trading.

It is a ceremony seen by millions across the globe, and behind and below Mr Abbott were big signs with the slogan "Australia is open for business".

AUDIO: Abbott touches down in New York to spruik Australian business (AM)
"You cannot love jobs and hate the entities that create jobs. Private businesses are the engine of job creation," Mr Abbott said.

But amidst the work of drumming up business for Australia, Mr Abbott has found time to meet key republican and media figures.

He is ending day one of his US trip with a private dinner with News Corp co-chairman Rupert Murdoch.

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Tony Abbott pays tribute at Ground Zero

It's very fitting to be here at Ground Zero.

This is an extraordinarily sombre place.

It's really quite overwhelming to be in this place, on this spot, where some 2,900 people were killed - including 10 Australians - in one of the most horrific moments in world history.

I pay my respects to all who died that day.

I particularly acknowledge the 10 Australians who died that day.

I remember all the emergency services personnel who responded on that terrible day - particularly those who died.

I guess above all else, though, we cherish the freedom which was under assault that day.

We should never forget that the 9/11 bombers were people who hated us, who hated our way of life, because we are free people: we are countries and civilisations which believe that everyone should be free to live their own life, to worship their own god, to do their own thing.

We should cherish that way of life which is so magnificent and yet which sadly is still so hated by fanatics around the world.