Too sensual? Manu Feildel's Magnum ad creates stir

MY KITCHEN Rules judge Manu Feildel is known for asking "where's the sauce?" on the popular reality cooking show.

But it appears a billboard ad featuring the celebrity chef's  Magnum ice cream bar was too saucy for one person.

The image features the chocolate toffee ice cream bar with a bite taken out of it in front of Feildel's face with the words "New chocolate toffee by Manu Feildel. Magnum for pleasure seekers".

The Advertising Standards Board has dismissed a complaint  from a person who found the ad too sensual.

The person wrote: "I feel like the advertiser is trying to suggest that the ice cream is Manu's penis and that women who buy the ice cream are indulging in the sensuous pleasure of Manu Fieldel's penis".

Too sensual? The offended person was shocked by this ad, which carried the tagline "Magnum for pleasure seekers".

The Standards Board dismissed the complaint, ruling that the "ice cream depicted is clearly intended to be representative of the product and not of any part of Manu Feildel" and that "the complainant's interpretation of the sexualised nature of the advertisement is an interpretation that is unlikely to be shared by the broader community".

Feildel told APN he was made aware of the complaint earlier this week after returning from a trip to his home country of France.

"I think that person who complained has a dirty mind because no one else thought about it except them," he said.

"It was an ad for a really nice ice cream and that's where it stopped.

"At the end of the day it makes more publicity for them (Magnum). I think it's just a funny world sometimes.

"There's always someone who has to complain about something."

A carefully served version of the sensual ice cream.


Advertiser Unilever Australasia also responded to the complaint, stating that consumers will understand the "Magnum for pleasure seekers" wording refers to the "pleasure of eating a Magnum which is an indulgent ice cream".