Man robs corner store wearing socks and thongs

TWO men screamed demands at a terrified employee during a daylight robbery of a Toowoomba Spar Express.

Police were called to the Middle Ridge store just after 2pm on Easter Sunday after reports of an incident.

"Two people went into the shop, made demands for cash and then left with the cash," a police spokesman said.

"Both were males in their late 20s or early 30s. One was a tall man, around 190cms in height, the other was a man wearing socks and thongs."

Spar Express Middle Ridge owner Shelly McCaul said she had just left the store for the day when the incident occurred.

"They came in with their faces covered and their hands were in their pockets like they had something," she said.

"The (employee) was over doing the drinks and they just screamed at her to give them the cash.

"One of them then went behind the counter and helped himself to a pile of cigarettes."

Ms McCaul said the employee was "shaken up, but doing well".

She said it was the first major incident since the store was robbed by knife point 14 years ago. 

"I think they may have targeted us because it was a bit quieter around town on Sunday," she said. 

"The whole community here in Middle Ridge is devastated by it all."

Investigations into the suspects are continuing.