Top 10 tips from readers on keeping fruit and veg fresh

ONE of the biggest problems people face when trying to stick to a grocery budget is how to make the most of fruit and vegetables.

The Bulletin asked readers last night for their tips of keeping fruit and vegetables fresh for as long as possible.

Here are the top 10 tips:

1. Use Tupperware to store fruit and vegetables

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Tupperware containers keep fruit and vegetables fresh. They also stop any bacteria in the fridge on other products from getting to the produce stored in the plastic containers.

2. Grow your own vegetables and fruit

Keith Sommerfeld -
There is nothing better than eating freshly grown vegetables or fruit you've grown yourself. Not only is it fresh, you know what chemicals have gone on to the produce and you feel great growing something yourself. Alistair Brightman

3. Buy fruit and vegetables as you need, not in bulk

Buy fruit and vegetables as you need them, rather than in bulk once a week, fortnight or month. Nicholas Falconer

4. Wrap lettuce and bananas in newspaper

Newspapers on a news stand Photo Chris Chan / The Observer
Newspapers can be useful for more than reading or doing crossword puzzles. You can also wrap lettuce and bananas in newspaper to help keep them fresh for longer, according The Bulletin readers. Chris Chan

5. Some fruit and vegetables can be frozen, including pumpkin and bananas, but they may be limited in what you can use them for after defrosting

Bananas can be frozen but usually are only useful for smoothies and baking after defrosting.

6. Billie Fraser says "Remove seeds from things you are only using a portion of ( capsicum, pumpkin, melons) store bananas separately"


TASTY MORSELS: Normal capsicums can be used when these mini capsicums aren't in season. Photo Shannon Newley / Warwick Daily News
Remove seeds from produce such as capsicum if you are only using a part of it. Shannon Newley

7. Vacuum sealed bags 

Keeping food fresh, Toby from airLock demonstrates the vacuum packing product.
airLock is one way to vacuum seal food and keep it fresh longer CONTRIBUTED

8. Buy fresh from the local markets

FRUIT AND VEG: Danni Line will opt for fresh fruit and veg over fruit juice and muesli bars.
Many types of fruit and vegetables are available at local markets, including Kern Arcade, Emu Park and Fig Tree Mike Richards

9. Buy fruit and vegetables not quite ripe

Not quite ripe bananas keep longer

10. Keep the crisper in your fridge clean and get rid of any over ripe or bacteria infected foods ASAP

Morrisons retravision fridges feature. Photo: Trevor Veale / The Coffs Coast Advocate.
A clean fridge keeps fruit and vegetables fresh for longer Trevor Veale/ The


RANDOM QUESTION: How you get fruit and veggies to last a fortnight, not by eating them but by keeping them fresh ?

Posted by The Morning Bulletin on Tuesday, 2 June 2015