Mouse plague. Wynarka piggery farmer John Gregory and mice that are becoming so hungry they are attacking his pigs - drowned mice from overnight traps.
Mouse plague. Wynarka piggery farmer John Gregory and mice that are becoming so hungry they are attacking his pigs - drowned mice from overnight traps.

TOP TIPS: Seven tips for dealing with the mice plague

READERS have shared their stories about dealing with the mice plague scampering through the region.

They have reported catching up to 60 mice during this plague, with one reader saying the smell of dead mice in their house was so bad she couldn’t breathe.

The Morning Bulletin has put together a list of tips to deal with the mice plague, which includes what Rockhampton’s PestX owner Scott Lawton told The Bulletin this week and what readers have said on Facebook today.

  • Pet food – many people will leave a bowl of food for their pet while they go to work for the day, however this attracts mice. To avoid attracting mice, try changing your pet feeding habits. Self feeder contraptions will reduce the amount of food readily available, but will still attract mice.
  • Baits – these are good for those with no other pets in the house or yard. Even if you put baits inside the house and keep pets outside, they can be harmful to pets as the mice could die outside where your pets can eat the dead mice that have been poisoned. Birds of prey and other predators will still eat baited mice so maybe stay away from baits for the sake of other animals.
  • Traps – traps without poisonous substances. Bunnings sells an electric mouse trap that killed six mice in one day at Maria Finlay-Frenken’s house. She said she picked it up for $42 and it runs on batteries.
  • Household hygiene – keeping on top of the housework can mean the difference between one mice wandering around your house, to 10 taking up residence. With it being school holidays right now, a tip for parents would be to make housework a game or competition to get the mini me’s helping you out.
  • Mowing – Rockhampton’s PestX owner Scott Lawton told The Bulletin this week that grass seeds are a rodent attractor and there are many grasses seeding right now. The best way to deal with excess grass seed is to mow and put the clippings in a spot away from the house so mice won’t come into your house. “Now that spring’s here, they’re looking for a mate. Grass seeds and things like that are a little more prevalent too, so there’s plenty of food around with the blooms,” Mr Lawton said.
  • Sticky pads – are available from Bunnings and other outlets. Mice stick to them and die within three to 24 hours. You can place lures to attract mice to the sticky pads, such as vanilla extract, chocolate and peanut butter. Peanut butter appears to be the best to attract the critters to traps and sticky pads.
  • Pets and wildlife – Many pets, such as Jack Russell dogs and felines, will naturally chase, catch and kill mice. Birds of prey and snakes also like mice. However, these animals alone can’t get rid of all the mice, so a combination of actions is a better approach.

A farm dog chasing mice.
A farm dog chasing mice.

Read more about what Mr Lawton said about the plague here: INFESTED: Rocky households battle ‘aggressive mice plague’

Scott Lawton and the team are ready for a busy mouse breeding season.
Scott Lawton and the team are ready for a busy mouse breeding season.


Jan Richards The Airport is pretty bad for them at the moment as well. Saw heaps running around when I was there last week.

Cody Schwerin Same in Biloela.

Vickie Belz That would explain so many snake sightings in Gracemere eeeeek.

Jamie Hinds Andrew Hinds time to get a cat.

Chelsea Lewis There’s currently one in my back yard all stiff. My dog had fun playing with it I think. I didn’t I think he caught it himself. He thinks hes giving us a present. He doesn't eat them thankfully. Just walks around with them like a trophy haha.

Maria Finlay-Frenken Our electric mouse trap killed six in a day. Now the entrance door for them is plugged. Bunnings about $42 runs on AA batteries. It is made by Rat Sack.

Shells Bells Are you all sure they are not melomyse – Australian native animals that look like mice?

Martha Ireland I’m in gracemere and have been baiting for about 3 mths now and they r still coming.

Travis Kelly Martha Ireland same here, was thinking is it just my house but seems like it’s a Gracemere problem.

Martha Ireland Travis Kelly yeah no it’s every where by the sounds of it … no matter how many bates we put out they keep coming.

Cara N Cam Turnbull Yes my home is riddled it’s so gross and the traps aren’t working can’t bait as I have inside dogs.

Martha Ireland You can’t put them somewhere the dogs can’t get them?

Richard Hudspith Why can’t I have a mouse plague.

Cara N Cam Turnbull I wasn’t sure if the mice carry the bait around or there droppings carry it?

Cara N Cam Turnbull I have just discovered they are under my kitchen sink in the hole that's under there for the dishwasher hoses as they have shredded my paper towel and filled the hole now. it’s so gross

Martha Ireland Cara N Cam Turnbull I had a lil inside dog until recently and bates where they can’t get them is fine they won’t eat the mouse droppings or dead mice.

Martha Ireland We still get at least 5 a day dead.

Richard Hudspith Birds of prey and other predators will still eat bated mice, another option is always recommended to prevent secondary poisoning to our wildlife.

Martha Ireland Richard Hudspith yes but when traps and things are not working it’s hard not to use bates.

Readers have shared ideas on how to control the mice.
Readers have shared ideas on how to control the mice.

Nikki Alyce Bath I’ve got mice I live in gracey and have killed by the mouse traps about 12 now all little ones I don’t like them never have.

Cara N Cam Turnbull Nikki Alyce Bath I’m in Gracie as well and having trouble with the traps they take the bait out of it without setting it off, I have sticky pads, traps and tunnels nothing is working I caught 1 that’s it.

Nikki Alyce Bath Cara N Cam Turnbull we brought the mouse traps from Bunnings and have got 12 of them we put peanut butter on the trap try that hun.

Madeleine Kelly Same here in banana the cats cant keep up.

Melissa Steinhardt Debra Polzin Teg Mayne 30? We win.

Teg Mayne Melissa Steinhardt 60 so far, will see soon how many we got last night. rookies! Haha.

Selena Andersen Can I ask what you’ve found the best way to kill them? Having a lot of trouble finding something that works. They are so gross.

Melissa Steinhardt Baits, traps, metal poles! Everything really.

Teg Mayne Those sticky pads are kinda cruel but they are literally the best way!

The baits we put out 10 days ago and we are starting to find them dead everywhere so they also work just take some time!

Danny Smith Lol cats for mice we have jack Russell and loves the mice.

Zeanna Jay They are pretty bad out in Gracemere at the moment, hear them in the roof and everything. Even seen a dead rat on the road when going to the shops.

Travis Kelly Zeanna Jay and here I was thinking my house is the only one. Seems like it’s happening a lot in Gracemere. Heard a rat/mouse in the roof other night and felt genuinely sic.

Zeanna Jay Travis Kelly Yes, we have been here since December last year and haven’t had an issue till now. I have seen another post with a lot of other people in Gracemere and surrounding areas of mice and rats.

Pat Bowen Travis Kelly not the only one aha, just found one the other day and the neighbour has had 6.

Janelle Kitchen need some cats, they will thin the mice out pretty fast or a few pythons.

Sharon Busk Get at least 5 a day but only 1 in traps today. But baits are working. House reeks, I can hardly breathe.

Shannon Lee Knowles Sharon Busk That’s good that they are working but no good about the smell. Believe it or not we think we may have a mouse or two in our house.


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