67 torpedos hit pool for fundraiser for incurable disease

COMMONWEALTH Games swimmer Alanna Bowles is turning heads with her prowess in the pool.

But on Saturday it wasn't about her streamline glories, instead she joined 67 local swimmers to help raise funds for people living with multiple sclerosis.

The Rockhampton super fish helped fill the lanes at CQ University Community Sports Centre, swimming a collective 12 hours straight.

The group of local torpedos raised more than $26,900 for the incurable disease which has over 190 suffers in Central Queensland alone.

MS Queensland spokesperson Cassie Moore said fundraising would remain open for a month post-event.

"All money raised will go specifically towards local support services in the Rockhampton area so the more we can raise, the more beneficial to our Central Queensland clients," Moore said.

"There are many MS patients who need vital services like information workshops on how to manage their diagnosis, homes visits from an MS nurse or long-term residential accommodation, depending on the nature and severity of their MS."

MS is the most common chronic neurological condition, affecting more than 23,000 Australian adults.

For more information visit www.msswimathon.com.au.