Steve Khan Hankin has been able to turn his life around since moving to Kingaroy, a court has heard.
Steve Khan Hankin has been able to turn his life around since moving to Kingaroy, a court has heard.

Town paving ice dealer’s path to redemption

AN ice dealer has been on the path to redemption since he moved to a South Burnett town, a court has heard.

Steven Khan Hankin, 25, of Kingaroy, was caught supplying methamphetamine to eight different people over five days in August 2017 at Browns Plains, in amounts up to 1.75g.

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The father of three pleaded guilty to 16 drug charges in Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday.

Prosecutor Charles Martin told the court that Hankin had an extensive criminal history of crimes as far north as Townsville — but was still just a “street level dealer”.

“He’s not a major player,” Mr Martin said.

Steve Hankin has walked from jail. .
Steve Hankin has walked from jail. .

Defence barrister Adrian Braithwaite said that Hankin had got a handle on his substance abuse after he was given bail to Kingaroy in December 2018 and after receiving strong support from the wider community.

“He really comes to court with cap in hand,” Mr Braithwaite said.

“He seems to have at least done a good a job at ... keeping his nose clean and engaging positively with professionals.”

Mr Braithwaite produced a lengthy list of references, persuading Justice Martin Burns that there was “hope” for Hankin’s rehabilitation.

“That has been a very significant event in your life, moving to Kingaroy, and I think there is much hope for you,” he said.

Before Justice Burns sentenced Hankin, he gave the father a serve for putting the care of his three children in jeopardy.

“Such an abdication of your responsibility as a parent is shameful,” he said.

Hankin — who had already served 110 days in custody while awaiting sentence — was allowed to walk free from prison.

He was sentenced to 12 months’ jail wholly suspended. — NewsRegional