ALL SMILES: W&J native title applicant Les Tilley.
ALL SMILES: W&J native title applicant Les Tilley. Jake Jones

Traditional owners of land surrounding Adani are smiling

THREE years ago the traditional owners of the land surrounding the Adani mine voted 294 to 1 in favour of the mine and Indigenous Land Use Agreement with the company.

Yesterday spokesman and native title applicant Les Tilley said he hadn't spoken to everyone but "a lot of people are smiling and happy today”.

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"Finally we are going to move on and achieve what we negotiated with Adani,” Mr Tilley said.

"This is jobs training and contracting opportunities for our people.

"It's been a long time coming.

"We just hope the next three weeks pan out for the best and the project gets going.”

The ILUA with Adani struck a ground-breaking agreement with native title claimants, guaranteeing $250million of contracting work and 7.5 per cent of the jobs at the mine.

Mr Tilley said there were unacceptable unemployment levels for Indigenous people in the region and the project provided intergenerational opportunities to close the gap.