Ugghhh. The dreaded hangover.
Ugghhh. The dreaded hangover.

TRIED AND TESTED: We reveal our no-fail hangover cures

FEELING a little dusty after a couple too many bevvies last night?

Don't worry, we've got your back.

The journos at The Northern Star have put together a list of our very own, tried and tested, hangover cures.

Some of these beauties have seen us survive some particularly rough days.

So start 2020 right, and don't let a sneaky little hangover get in the way.

Why not try...

  • A Big Mac with large fries and the sweetest drink I can find, namely Fanta, plus an aspirin
  • Berocca and a slice of dried toast. And fresh fruit if it's going
  • Swim at the beach, followed by bacon. All the bacon
  • Hair of the dog: A bloody Mary with plenty of tabasco
  • Balance every drink with a glass of water in between
  • Berocca before drinks
  • Stick to the one poison
  • Panadol and Vitamin B tablet before you go to sleep
  • Hydralyte icypoles.

And if all that fails, sleep is your friend. Your best friend. Tomorrow is a new day.

What's your hangover remedy? Email and let us know so we can add it to the list.