Truck driver busted with drugs on CQ highway

A ROMA truck driver has been caught with 9.1 grams of cannabis while driving on the Carnarvon Hwy.

Kevin Peter Hopper, 57, was intercepted by police while driving near Roma about 12.20pm on December 17, Emerald Magistrates Court heard yesterday.

He tested positive to a roadside drug test and when searching the vehicle, police located a small clipseal bag containing 4.5g of cannabis, a small tin with about 2g of cannabis and just under 2g wrapped in foil, the court heard.

Police also located a plastic bottle and pipe used to smoke the drug and a grinder.

He was taken to Roma police station.

On July 7 Hopper pleaded guilty to possessing dangerous drugs, possessing utensils and driving with a relevant drug in his saliva.

Solicitor Roland Pianta said Hopper had since taken steps to cease the use of cannabis.

For the drug driving charge, Hopper was convicted and fined $500 and has been disqualified from driving for one month, although he did have a restricted work licence issued.

For possessing the drugs and utensils he was fined $800. Both convictions were recorded.