Trump evacuated over White House shooting fears



US President Donald Trump was abruptly pulled out of today's media briefing by security after reports of shots being fired near the White House.

Mr Trump had been at the podium for a little over three minutes when a Secret Service agent suddenly interrupted him mid-sentence and told him he needed to leave.

"I mean the way they're going, it looks like they're going to be topping records, hopefully soon," Mr Trump was saying, referring to the stock market.

"Sir, we're just going to have to step out," the agent said from off-camera.

"Excuse me?" Mr Trump said, turning to face him.

The agent approached him and spoke into his ear.

"Oh," the President said.

"Excuse me," he told the press corps, before turning and walking out of the room.



Security suddenly pulled Donald Trump out of his media briefing today.
Security suddenly pulled Donald Trump out of his media briefing today.

He returned a short time later and explained what had happened.

"I'd like to thank the Secret Service for doing their always quick and effective work," Mr Trump said.

"But there was an actual shooting. Somebody's been taken to the hospital. I don't know the condition of the person. Seems that the person was shot by Secret Service. So we'll see what happens."

He said nobody else had been injured.

A reporter asked whether Mr Trump could share more details.

"No, there are no details. We just found out, just now," he replied.

"It was outside of the White House. This area, right over here (he pointed towards the back of the briefing room). They'll have details for you in a little while.

"Somebody is taken to the hospital. It seems like the shooting was done by law enforcement, at that person, at the suspect. It was the suspect that was shot."

The President said John Roberts, a Fox News reporter, was outside at the time of the incident and "heard two shots".

"Was the threat towards you, sir?" another reporter asked.

"We don't know. They're going to find that out," said Mr Trump.

Asked whether he had gone to the White House bunker, he revealed security had merely taken him to the Oval Office.

The agent spoke into the President’s ear.
The agent spoke into the President’s ear.

A reporter asked what, exactly, the agent who pulled him from the room had told him.

"Just told me, when he came up - you pretty much saw it like I did. He said, 'Sir, can you please come with me?' So you were surprised, I was surprised also. I think it's probably pretty unusual," Mr Trump said.

"But very, very professional people. They do a fantastic job.

"We'll get on to the briefing. But I do want to thank the Secret Service. They are fantastic."

Reporters still had questions about the incident.

"Was the suspect armed? Do you know, was he armed?" one of them asked.

"From what I understand, the answer is yes," he replied.

"That's what I understand. I don't know. You'll have to ask them."

Asked whether the suspect had said anything about him, Mr Trump said he didn't know.

"It might not have had anything to do with me. It might have been something else," he said.

"But it was on the outside of the premises. The wall - as you know, the fencing, especially the new fencing that they put up, is very powerful. But it was on the outside of the White House."

"Are you rattled at all by this, Mr President?" asked a reporter.

"I don't know, do I seem rattled?" he replied.

"It's unfortunate that this is a world - but the world's always been a dangerous place. It's not something that's unique. The world has been - you look back over the centuries, the world has been a dangerous place.

"It will continue, I guess, for a period of time."

Mr Trump stressed that he feels "very safe with the Secret Service".

He then returned to his previous, interrupted point about the stock market, promising a full briefing later from the Secret Service.

He thanked the Secret Service and described them as "the best of the best" and said he felt "very safe" inside the White House.
"They just wanted me to step aside for a little while," he said.