Trump’s family set to grow even more powerful


America's first family are set to be public figures for years to come, with both Donald Trump Jnr and Ivanka Trump positioned for future public office.

After a rocky start early in his father's administration, when he was revealed to have met up with a Russian operative offering dirt on then-candidate Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign, Donald Jr rose to become one of the most prominent figures in Team Trump.

Regularly mobbed at campaign stops across the country, Don Jr, 41, was one of his father's most powerful surrogates on the hustings.

"Don Jr represents the emotional centre of the MAGA universe," said senior campaign adviser Jason Miller earlier this year.


Already a familiar face for his role beside Mr Trump and sister Ivanka on The Apprentice, Don Jr has devoted himself to supporting his father's presidency along with his role as executive VP of the Trump Organization.

And it has paid off with significant public support, with an Axios poll taken in January putting him in second place to run as Republican nominee in 2024 behind Vice President Mike Pence.

Two months ago he posted a "Don Jr. 2024" flag to Instagram.

Saying that it would "make liberal heads explode", he added that "to whomever made [the sign] thanks for the compliment… but let's get through 2020 with a big win first."

Meanwhile Eric Trump, 36, who holds an equal role at the family business and has increasingly turned out on the campaign trail, recently liked a tweet saying "Eric Trump 2024".

While Mr Trump has five children, including Barron, 14, and recent college graduate Tiffany, 27, his favourite is widely considered to be oldest daughter Ivanka, 39.

Mr Trump recently gave an off-the-cuff assessment of the characters of Ivanka and Don Jr while he was campaigning.

He said they would have been treated differently to how the Bidens are being treated over the foreign interference reports by the New York Post based on Mr Biden's son Hunter's laptop.

"If that were me they wouldn't allow me to run," he said, calling Mr Biden a "criminal".

"Can you imagine if Don Junior had the problems of 'where-is-Hunter'?

"Don Jnr, oh my poor boy. Oh what that boy's been through.

"I don't know, Ivanka is different. She sort of floats through life. She's pretty amazing I tell you."


A senior White House adviser beside her husband Jared Kushner, Ivanka is often touted as a future leader and moved her young family to Washington DC from New York when her father was inaugurated.

At a recent campaign event in Vegas, Ivanka wowed the crowd as she praised her father.

"People said they hoped my father would not be changed by Washington," she said.

"Well, my father has changed Washington and it will never be the same again.

"My father has delivered on promises he never made, like justice reform."

Ivanka is considered the polished Trump whom the Democrats fear has the ability to rip away the middle ground in future elections.

While Donald Jr looks destined to echo his bombastic and abrasive father, Ivanka is clearly walking a different path - measured, thoughtful and considered.

At late rallies for Donald Trump Sr, T-shirts were being worn saying: "Donald Trump Sr. 20-24; Donald Trump Jr 24-32; Ivanka Trump 32-40."

And what odds Barron 40-48?


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