Happy volunteer grandmother smiling at camera on a sunny day
Happy volunteer grandmother smiling at camera on a sunny day

Try personalised care

OVER the past decades there’s been standardisation approaches to health.

This trend is being challenged as more people are seeking out personalised care.

While personalised treatment has always been the core strength of traditional naturopathy, other approaches have heavily leaned to standardising policy and procedure.

You may think herbal and supplement tablets when combined are part of a personalised regimen.

I maintain herbal formulation made to order specifically for an individual is truly personalised.

After all, supplements are standardised to unchanging ingredient list, which can be purchased from multiple outlets.

Is personal wellbeing at breaking point in Australia, I think normal body shape attitudes may be an indicator that something’s up in our community.

It’s a concerning trend that an entire industry has evolved in Australia for overweight and obese persons.

Furthermore, body image ideas completely occupying a person’s mind on muscle definition are cause for concern.

Normal body shape individuals, in other words not overweight, not underweight, not muscle bound, are tending toward functional health and wellbeing.

However, I’ve noticed in private practice the middleweight normal body shape person bounces back better from feeling unwell.

Often, normal body shape persons enjoy a natural healthy lifestyle.

I’m particularly disappointed with state and federal governments in not devising a credible plan for rewarding persons enjoying a natural healthy lifestyle.

When all is said and done healthy people I know will make a healthy economy.

Wouldn’t it be marvellous to live in a country that’s driven by governmental goodwill, whoever they may be?

Tragically, habitual eating of unhealthy food appears to be increasing.

This routine cannot possibly be viewed as living healthily.

Almost everyone coming into my private practice is now suffering lowered vitality; this is indeed a tragedy.

It’s your birthright to enjoy exuberant vitality, reclaim it and experience the pleasure of natures’ gift! Overwhelming evidence is mounting that our planet is in trouble, particularly for our insect pollinator population.

Malnourishment in traditional naturopathy is squarely set on poorly functioning of body and mind.

Tell your mind to make healthy choices everyday and live the experience, you don’t have to jump over the disease abyss and be a victim of degenerative disease.

Peter Lewis, Registered Naturopath Practitioner, © 17/10/19