A nearly empty George Street in The Rocks, Sydney CBD. People are being asked to stay home and avoid any travel to try help stop the spread of Covid-19. Picture: Rohan Kelly
A nearly empty George Street in The Rocks, Sydney CBD. People are being asked to stay home and avoid any travel to try help stop the spread of Covid-19. Picture: Rohan Kelly

TUESDAYS WITH JORDIE: Be mindful, be respectful, these times will pass

THE past few weeks have felt so surreal. It’s like trying to outrun a nightmare that is tied to us like a shadow.

It is so unusual to wake up to beaming sunlight, gentle breezes and clear blue skies and yet these beautiful days are mere masks to cover yet another dark moment in time. It is one heartache after another.

The drought is still gripping on to certain parts of Australia, the immeasurable infernos that claimed a painfully large proportion of our beautiful country and now this.

I am so angry at this outbreak and the mess it has made so I simply refuse to use its name.

This pandemic has really knocked every single one of us for six and the toughest, most heartbreaking part about it all is that there is little to nothing we can do, aside from following our control measures consistently in the hopes it stops the spread.

We are all still hoping that we can just wake up already and have it all just be one big disgusting nightmare.

But sadly, it’s a wretched reality that we are continuing to face every day.

This virus has cut through our everyday chaos (normal chaos that I will go as far to say that I miss) and caused its own mayhem. It has yanked us all away from normality and thrown us into uncharted territory. Some of us have lost our moral compass and shifted into “every man for himself” survival mode while others are supporting other people as best they can from a safe distance.

I absolutely understand that it is desperate times and we are all enduring the consequences in some way.

Every fibre of my being has been shattered into shards of sadness as my thoughts wander to those suffering the most during this horrid time.

This virus has really kicked people while they’re down, taken from us all in some way when we already feel like we have little left to give, put our lives on pause, put our economy on life support, preyed on vulnerable members of our society and struck a sinister blow to our local businesses.

This is on top of the sickness, struggles and suffering our world was already enduring which have sadly all been tossed onto the backburner while this virus hogs the headlines.

Right now, we are navigating a very sensitive slice of time that is absolutely going to feature in our history books. The best thing we can do is to comply with the measures, keep up our awesome hygiene routines, maintain that 1.5m distance, stay home as much as we can and be mindful of who we interact with.

It proves our actions really do make a difference, it’s up to us whether that difference is for better or worse.

Distance yourself from the news, social media and any toxic dead-end chatter to protect yourself from further inner turmoil. This storm will pass. We will have a much better life waiting for us on the other side with more gratitude, greater prosperity, mindfulness, wholehearted love and a newfound appreciation for good health.

Thank you to all those on the frontline fighting this insidious invisible force, you are all doing extraordinary work to protect your community.

We are all in this together. Be mindful, be respectful and remember:

“The world has enough for everyone’s need but not enough for everyone’s greed.” – Mahatma Gandhi.