READY SET GO: Jordie Lynch says not to be afraid to have a bit of fun and show some kindness to fellow shoppers.
READY SET GO: Jordie Lynch says not to be afraid to have a bit of fun and show some kindness to fellow shoppers. Amber Hooker

TUESDAYS WITH JORDIE: Be respectful to fellow shoppers

WELCOME to the Grocery Games.

The fun and games begin the second the trolley leaves the bay.

It's every man for himself as eager eyes madly absorb the items each aisle has to offer and hands are flying out to claim products left, right and centre.

We have the last-minute two-to-three-item shoppers, the trolley-overflowing-weekly-shop types and the I-don't-really-need-anything-but-here-I-am shoppers. I have been in all of these categories before and I can assure you, each shopper profile is of equal importance.

Some enjoy going about the grocery games at a leisurely pace, it is a social outing that includes catching up with good people in an environment that consists of beautiful produce. Win-win.

Meanwhile in the faster lane, trolleys are thundering down the aisles and turning corners on two wheels as the items left on the list are becoming scarce and the clock ticks on with a teasing tone.

Time is nearly up.

Moving over to the basket-bearers, they refuse to let the basket weigh or slow them down. They are here for a few things and they will not let anything hold them back.

There are those who use their list as their compass and those who make it up as they go along.

There are moments where the games get a little out of hand and shoppers turn to dirty tactics. Stooping to discourteous encounters in aisles like nudging people out of the way, letting greed get the best of them by grabbing items in bulk knowing someone nearby is after the same thing, cutting in line at the deli or checkouts and walking or standing in front of browsers without so much as a simple excuse me or sorry.

Over at the checkouts, we have some shoppers taking the mission too seriously and forgetting to use manners or engaging in polite conversation with the staff.

It doesn't matter what approach we take to our grocery shopping, courtesy is a compulsory condition of the grocery games.

When we arm ourselves with those environmentally friendly bags, we must also arm ourselves with basic respect.

This includes when we're trawling the aisles with our trolleys; we need to drive to the conditions so road rage and congestion can be avoided.

Regardless of the shopping category we fall within, we shouldn't be so focused on the finish line that we become oblivious to those around us.

We are all in the same boat, all just trying to get what we need so stopping to help others is a wonderful example of sportsmanship amidst the chaotic conditions of the grocery games.

Be courteous, be courageous and be calm.

Give way, respect the staff who are serving you and come back to the busier aisles to avoid getting caught in a round of trolley Tetris.

There are no winners in the grocery games. Don't be afraid to have a bit of fun, show some kindness and build a rapport with regular fellow shoppers.

It is what we make of the experience that makes all the difference.