NEW BEGINNINGS: Weekly columnist Jordie Lynch is spreading her wings with a new project - blogging.
NEW BEGINNINGS: Weekly columnist Jordie Lynch is spreading her wings with a new project - blogging.

TUESDAYS WITH JORDIE: Blog writing during coronavirus

I HAVE been so inspired by the people who have been using their time of late and over the Easter break to tackle their projects, throwing themselves wholeheartedly into their list of jobs that have collected dust over time.

I decided that I too wanted to delve into my list of things to do and commit to a project that I have wanted to make a move on for quite some time.

So, with a fresh tidy space and a newly decluttered mind, I got straight to it.

After copious cups of caffeinated courage and clarity, paired with months of prior planning, I got to finalise and launch my blog.

‘The Gen Z Journals – According to Jordie’ is located at

It is my brand new baby that I am going to love just as much as my first, ‘Tuesdays with Jordie’.

I have been loving every minute of my time contributing to my local paper so much that it has inspired me to branch out and try new things. Even if they scare me.

I owe so much to The Morning Bulletin for gifting me with an opportunity to follow my vision, find my voice and feel confident enough to further explore the wonderful world of words.

It has been like my compass, pushing me to be brave and learn new things while staying true to my purpose and path as a writer.

Reading and writing have always been super effective remedies for me. Words always know how to make me feel better and stories make me feel connected to people, regardless of where they are in the world.

I wanted to branch out, establish another platform to create even more lasting connections and showcase more of what I have learned on the road to becoming the individual and writer I have always striven to be.

My heart, soul, pride and joy is poured into every letter, syllable and sentence.

I have always admired words and the way they all fit together like a jigsaw puzzle that creates a bigger picture. Every letter is a vital part of making a word and every word is a vital part of making a story what it is.

I want to celebrate words as much as I possibly can, appreciate them for all they are and for all they bring.

Thanks so much to my loyal readers for the endless support. I really look forward to expanding on my ‘Tuesdays with Jordie’ journey, continuing on my path with the paper and embarking on a new blogging adventure.

I’ll be thinking of all those out there who are also chipping away at their projects. No matter what it is, being productive and creative is exciting. Celebrate your successes, follow your visions and don’t ever feel the need to justify your dreams to anyone.

Own what you want to do, enjoy the process and may it provide you with many extraordinary opportunities along the way.